With his career seemingly continually funded by Domino Records despite not that large a percentage of the music listening public being all that interested, Quasi organ guy Sam Coombes unleashes his solo debut which as you might imagine sounds like a light hearted organ-based funfair ride. The big question is whether the title is 'bugger me' as in "bugger me that's where the shed key got to" or an instruction?  

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Bugger Me by Sam Coomes
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7/10 Clinton 23 August 2016
There’s something heartwarming about Domino’s insistence on releasing and re-releasing every utterance from US West Coast organ ’n’ drum duo Quasi to what I presume (I may be wrong) is complete public indifference. None of this has even stopped with the dissolution of the band as they are now foisting on the world organ guy Sam Coomes' preposterously titled solo effort.   And an effort it is as this patchwork quilt of an album is really only going to have limited appeal amongst obsessive Quasi fans and those who like their lo-fi pop messy and buzzing. Now that he doesn’t have Janet Weiss to beef up his songs with her drumming, Coomes relies on a vintage drum machine for beats and it wheezes along here trying to keep up with his stabbing organ melodies which renders tracks like ’Tough Times In A Plastic Land’ something like Suicide with a bit extra pop nous. Coomes voice sounds almost exactly like the dBs Chris Stamey and if that is no help to you that means a kind of stretchy whine that is slightly unhinged. The album is a bloody mess with squeaks and squawks and noises amongst the unchanging landscape of organ and drum machine. On ‘Fordana’ there’s even something of the Brian Wilson ‘Cocaine Tapes’ in the fugue-like organ and screaming vocal.   Opener ’Stride On’ is as palatable as it gets with a neat pop hook opening the record in fine style but Coomes here just spends his time doing what he does and that's fine. It’s niche music but it’s a niche worth having I think.  



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