Requiem by Goat

Colourful Scandinavian psychedelic crew Goat are back with their third album 'Requiem' which the be-robed psych-sters claim is going to be their 'folk' opus. We'll wait to see on that but in an age of internet transparency, Goat manage to keep a cloaked mystery to their movements which of course makes them way more fascinating than the Twitter twiddlers that pass for many modern rock groups.   

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Requiem by Goat
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8/10 Clinton 05 October 2016

Whether you see them as commune-dwelling psychedelic voodoo psych mainstays or Sweden’s answer to the Wombles, Goat have managed to build up a huge following since their word of mouth smash ‘World Music’ with their mysterious melange of psych, world music and jazz-like structures. A cursory listen to this their third album inspires a completely different and possibly unexpected word to describe this collective….cuddly. 

‘Requiem’ is a collection of pleasantly light psych sounds that relied heavily on flutes and twangy guitar interplay. Tracks like ‘Alarms’ are straight ahead '60s-inspired psych which brings to mind Jefferson Airplane with that sense of '60s unease transposed through the decades. At their catchiest they re-appropriate world music in a way that even Malcolm McClaren couldn’t have foreseen when he released ‘Buffalo Gals’. ‘I Sing In Silence’ is an entertainingly loose jam enlivened by some catchy vocals. Nothing scary to see here. This sense of cultural tourism continues on ‘Trouble In The Streets’ the sort of perky afro-beat number that you can imagine Peel playing in the late 80s upsetting Wedding Present fans everywhere. Yet when they play it straighter on ‘Goatband’ what we start off with is an innocuous jam that strangely recalls a small loop of the Allman Brothers ‘Jessica’. As this track increases in intensity with some seriously strangled sax and pulverising drumming I’m starting to feel satisfied as the repetition takes hold and you start to see how Goat would be the perfect festival band.

Look, we know that the backstory is a load of old tosh but at least no-one got harmed in its making. Goat are a decent psychedelic band with a wide range of influences which they can mould pretty successfully into some life affirming shapes. ’Try My Robe’ (they won’t let it lie will they?) contains some wonderfully tangled guitars and further catchy mantras, their skills lie in some tremendously vibrant percussive elements which enliven even the more straightforward tracks. Occasionally they'll freak out. ‘Goat Fuzz’ is really the only track to delve deep into 70’s hard rock psychedelia and adds a welcome nastiness to the lighter tones elsewhere. 

With their be-robed communal psych image  Goat continue to successfully blend their world music and pastoral psychedelia and retain that all important an air of mystery. They'll probably never top 'World Music' but that doesn't matter. The element of surprise has gone but this should satiate their fan base.   

9/10 Ian 29th June 2018

Awesome folk / psych epic!

8/10 Greg B. 2nd February 2017

This masked collective are seen as more of a remote tribe from a small village than a musical group, and their music itself is almost tribal in a way. Their latest offering sees the collective expanding their music globally, adding more acoustic sounds to their ritualistic tones. One of the more immediate elements of Requiem is that no two songs that sound remotely similar - it almost feels like a musical ouroboros, as it creates a cycle of birth, reflection, death and rebirth in the space of one hour.

8/10 Tracklane 19th October 2016

Quite different from their earlier work, less wild psychedelia, more "ethnic". For some curious reason I hear a lot of peruvian huayno in here.

8/10 Santtu Customer rating (no review), 27th October 2016
8/10 Iordanis Customer rating (no review), 20th October 2016
10/10 David Customer rating (no review), 19th October 2016
9/10 Dimitris Customer rating (no review), 19th October 2016



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