The King Of Beats II by J Dilla

Fresh from appearing in my dream last night here's the latest offering from the late beat maker and hip-hop production genius. This is a selection of recordings he made using his Akai MPC sampler. The device he used has now been donated to the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture so this is also a historical artefact as well as being further examples of the excellent instrumental hip-hop he created.  

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The King Of Beats II by J Dilla
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8/10 Clinton 10 August 2016

The late beat maker has been churning records out in the last few years at a rate that should make people who are actually alive take a long hard look at themselves. This is part 2 of a new curation of Dilla's early tracks he made using his MPC sampler.

If you think that this will be fluff and throwaway then please wash your brain out with soap and water. These are delightful instrumental vignettes just ripe for some massive person to thug all over but the unfinished instrumental nature of them gives them an extra edge that vocals might crush. These are tight, clipped productions often with lovely brooding atmospheres made with lovely synth tones. There's enough in the first three pieces (they are differentiated only by numbers) to make me want to pick this up. The opening track ('39') is jolly and jazzy fun time hip hop with a delicious almost Bacharachian horn sample.  Sounds just lovely as just '40' with the weird looped vocal sample and scratching. Again it's brief but this is a superb trawl through the archives of a man who just seemed to have the key both to head nodding beats and memorable, melancholic samples. 

A lovely album to put on and let it do it's thing while you don't think too hard about it, it's full of rare and minimal treats. There's also a 'The King of Beats I' out there which is equally good and a mammoth CD of both albums which should keep you happy for a week at least. 


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