First release under the Datach’I name by Joseph Fraioli in a decade: it may be that he was spending all that time building up the monstrous Eurorack modular synthesiser system that System was entirely recorded with. System is released by Venetian Snares’ Timesig label, and certainly carries a little of that project’s unhinged and experimental approach to electronic sound. CD / double LP.

Vinyl Double LP £14.49 TIMESIG006

2LP on Timesig.

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CD on Timesig.

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System by Datach'I
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7/10 Laurie 18 August 2016

What’s that on the cover? Is that..a modular synth?? Cool! Cool man! And just look at those track names. Almost all are references to modules or some obscure form of synthesis, so you know what you’re getting yourself into: modular synth music for modular synth users.

The audible result of this, however, isn’t what you’re expecting. Rather than mindmelting audio warpage that has become the stereotype for modular music, this stays mostly within Planet Mu’s comfort zone of years passed, focusing on glitchy fast-paced beats and bright, gleaming melodic synth layers. It actually completely estranges itself from the source of the music, so maybe all this ‘modular chic’ thing on the cover/tracklist is a joke? Maybe?

Maybe I’m being a douche. They’re all very well formed tracks, take ‘Monarch’ for instance, it’s got a laid back feel and a rich gleaming melody that is reminiscent of label bossman u-ziq himself or the harmonious output of people like Wisp or Squarepusher when he’s not freaking out too much. That Venetian Snares Traditional Synthesiser Music thing is probably a better touchstone. For those that like sun kissed space-age chords and lazershot percussion in an IDMish setting, this will be your special place. I just think that it covers ground that has been covered many times during the late ‘90s / early ‘00s, and that’s before you even get to the footnote on the back. It proudly states that ‘no external computers or sequencers were used’, despite the fact that I can see at least 10 modules on there that basically have computers built in. Can’t deal with this modular synth snobbery; it matters not one bit that you didn’t plug a laptop in buddy.



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