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Conditional introduce Moxus, an electronic artist from Tokyo. Mush Space is a mix of jangling synths, almost bumping into each other accidentally. It is delicate electronica and has a distinct Japanese feel to it in its idiosyncrasies. An unusual and refreshing album.

Limited edition of 40 cassette tapes.

Tape £4.99 CON004

Red coral tape on Conditional. Edition of 40 copies.

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Mush Space by Moxus
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8/10 Ant 15 September 2016

This tape from Tokyo-based artist Moxus on Conditional actually came out some weeks ago and technically should have been reviewed before now - but clearly wasn’t because if it was this very sentence wouldn’t exist. A “brain malfunction” is my only excuse. So apologies to the label and artist - if you see me on the street, my employer has given you the authority to kick my face off.

Anyhow a tape is for life, like a dog. This isn’t disposable music. This is electronic/ generative/ computer music that’s so intricately detailed and complex, it’s like a gift that keeps on giving. But it’s far from a load of cold, sterile hyper-glitchy mayhem - there’s some very beautiful sounds scattered across these tracks; sparkling metallic twinkles, snippets of melody juxtaposed with some harsher sounds. It’s really difficult to tell what’s been composed/ played by the artist and what’s been generated. Along with the restless zapping, bleeping, morphing and so on, this tape is loaded with very beautiful sounds that manifest in glorious pixelated, psychedelic, sci-fi/ futuristic images and strange geometries behind the eyelids.

The only very loose comparison I can think of working in a similar realm is perhaps some of Team Doyobi’s stuff and bits of early Mego computer music. Most enjoyable listening.



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