Mares by As Ondas

There is a sadness affiliated with this record: the Tuff Enuff label will be wrapping up operations after Mares is out in the world. But! There is also happiness in how good Mares is, and in seeing so many wonderful musicians working together: As Onda is made up of members of Dog Legs, Shopping and Wachi Wachi. And the vinyl is coloured like ‘piss’. 250 copies and then that’s that.

Limited Vinyl LP £11.99 TELP26

Limited 'Piss' coloured vinyl LP on Tuff Enuff. Edition of 250 copies.

  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
Sold out.



Mares by As Ondas
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8/10 Robin 06 July 2016

And so we bid a fond farewell to Tuff Enuff, the label that could boast the most stuff. The label’s been responsible for numerous lo-fi pop love affairs, so it seems fitting it closes out on one more: a miniature supergroup featuring members of Shopping, Dog Legs and Wachi Wachi, this record is punky, silky and affectionate all at once, pulling off DIY indie rawk as if aware that this is a One Last Ride kinda deal.

Those who like Shopping will enjoy the vocal adlibbing offered by Mr. Shopping alum on opener “Iguale”, though here the complementary sounds are those of the sweet-toned guitars of joeyfourr or Mac DeMarco. The record offsets its crystal-clear sound with off-kilter rhythms and often late-to-the-game vocals, which give the record a shrewdness. “Historia” sounds like a Smiths song coming from the basement, its overloud guitar tone coupled with half-sung lyrics disconnected by separate languages. “As Ondas Do Mar” has a rhythm team out of a separate world from the watery guitar at its fore, the bassline stop-starty and the drums flailing against what sounds otherwise like perfection.

Good, then. This record has what I believe they call edge to go with its paradise pop. It’s cracked but catchy records like this that will make me miss Tuff Enuff -- one like ‘Mares’ feels oddly personal, as if only you’re listening to it, only you could like this jumbled mess, even if the truth is it’s to be enjoyed by anyone who likes pretty music and a decent hook. Basically I'm saying it's great and I'll see you in another life, brother.

8/10 Simon 16th July 2016

This is a really lovely record. It's a great shame that it's limited to 250 as more people should get to hear it.

It's got that early pre-Brit pop sound, think Auteurs or early Pulp and something of a French swing to it.

It's one that will sound good out in the garden with a cool drink in hand (if we get another hot day I'll give it a go) or late on a smoky night with a good whisky.

And the "piss coloured vinyl" thing - well if my piss was that colour I'd be worried. Still, it'd mean I wouldn't need to turn the bathroom light on in the middle of the night!

I'd grab a copy quick if I were you.


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