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Celer created I Love You So Much I Can’t Even Title This in 2008, using both analogue (tape) and digital (laptop) processing to utterly transform original sounds and samples of Samuel Barber’s compositions alike. Distant-sounding ambience with a weighty emotional heft to it: delicate and huge at the same time. Double LP on Infraction.

Limited Vinyl Double LP £34.99 INFX 057 LP

Limited 180g vinyl 2LP with OBI strip on Infraction.

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I Love You So Much I Can't Even Title This by Celer
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8/10 Richard 12th April 2019

Sometimes the sheer weight of the Celer back catalogue can be overwhelming. A completest needs to buy no other records and have a lot of spare cash. £35 for a double LP is pricey, even by post referendum standards. Is it worth it?

One thing I can say about 'I Love You So Much I Can't Even Title This' is that it is one the high end Celer releases. Opener 'Isotope Shortage' is classic Celer - the tone of the drone that marks them out from the million other drone artists is present, not quite high end, the sharpness present but smoothed over. The melancholic result is beautiful. Some Celer drones have a habit of staying pretty consistent throughout the track's duration, but not here. This gently weaves it's way along it's 10 minute duration and is all the more lovely for it.

'Ruined Repairs' is more subtle, a gentler drone that gradually unfolds and it's warmth shines through. Sides C & D are taken up by the 40 minute epic 'The Delay of Intolerance' which is split into two parts to accommodate the vinyl pressing. It's gentle throughout, and shares both the warmth of 'Ruined Repairs' and the Celer drone sound present in 'Isotope Shortage'. At 40 mins it's epic and takes it's time in it's development. Close attention rewards the listener, background music this is not.

Originally released as a cdr in 2008, the vinyl reissue is most welcome, and if your pockets are deep enough then you are getting some great music for your cash right here.


Isotope shortage - YouTube



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