Brian Case decided to have fun with loops while creating this record, cutting up mostly electronic recordings of his and reassembling them at random. Of course, a tape loop quickly makes anything sound like a pattern, and Tense Nature’s tracks form themselves into intriguing wholes. 500 LP copies on Hands In The Dark.

Vinyl LP £16.99 HITD029

LP on Hands In The Dark. Edition of 500 copies.

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Tense Nature by Brian Case
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8/10 Laurie 24 June 2016

Ian incessantly insists that this guy is called ‘Brain Case’, so I’ve resolved to call him Ain from now on in retaliation. Ain is such a head case. Anyway, this is a man of little information making music of little materials - a minimal approximation of tenseness centred around simple looping synth phrases that give you so much more.

Oh boy it’s tense. Abstract masses of echoed sound loom behind the solitary blips, just out of view until ‘Drum Gun II’, which is actually referring to what Case has done to all his drums. Gunned em down hard. It’s totally non-rhythmic, an actual loop only rising out of the murk on the follower ‘Drum Gun’. Still only barely a drum. There are some gong-like metallic bwongs on ‘Japanese Version’, but a muted shadow of their former selves. His intention to create the likeness of locked grooves is fully realised on ‘Pattern 1’, which features a 5/4 sample spinning round with some subtle bass and hiss creeping in. Total repetition, this one. But it contains just enough evolution to keep you zoned in, the best example being the low growls on 2nd track ‘Brother John’. Mmm, that’s a good snarl.


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