Think back to 1994, when the house-inflected ambience of Biosphere really started to percolate up into territory where people took notice. Patashnik feels like a warm trip through deep space / inner space, one that still feels worth taking today. Reissued on double vinyl and double CD: the CD edition also includes a bonus 12 track ‘sequel’! On Biophon Records.

CD £11.99 BIO4CD2

Reissue 2CD on Biophon Records. Contains the bonus 12-track album 'Patashnik 2'.

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Vinyl Double LP £16.99 BIO4LP

Reissue 2LP on Biophon Records.

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Patashnik by Biosphere
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8/10 Ant 15 June 2016

Reissue of this mid-90’s ambient/ breakbeat techno long player - the second album from Norway’s Geir Jenssen, originally released on R&S Records sister label Apollo. Now available once again on 2LP and a 2CD set complete with bonus 12-track album ‘Patashnik 2’ via the artist's own Biophon label with new artwork.

No doubt the soundtrack to a zillion 90’s comedowns - the CD was the perfect medium for those moments, cuz when you’re sinking into an armchair/ floating in the cosmos, getting up and flipping over records ain't that much fun. This also got a good hammering in the chill out rooms of the 90’s -- spaces which are sadly absent from most clubs these days.

Scattered amongst the ambient brain melters are some proper oldskool breakbeat tracks; ‘Novelty Waves’ and the ambient hardcore of ‘Seti Project’ with it’s comedy ‘Can You Imagine an extra-terrestrial Disc Jockey’ sample. There’s the odd movie sample here and there that places these tracks firmly in the 90’s; opening track ‘Phantasm’ has a snatch of dialogue “We had a dream last night/ we dreamed the same dream” from ‘The Krays’. This would have worked well when you were off your nut back in the day, but you couldn’t get away with it these days.
Not an all time classic of the era or a consistently brilliant album, but the tracks which have stood the test of time most certainly make it worth owning. Of course if you’re already a fan then a nice upgrade to your copy that’s been battered from being relentlessly skinned up on would probably be welcomed.

File alongside Warp’s Artificial Intelligence compilations, Aphex Twin ‘Selected Ambient Works Vol. I’, early stuff from The Orb, Autechre 'Amber', Future Sound of London 'Lifeforms' etc.

9/10 Ross Holloway 19th April 2017

I've never got bored of this record, having had it on tape since some point in the mid 90s, and now on lovely reissue vinyl. If it missed the classic status of the Aphex Twins Ambient Works or Autechre it's probably because it's not actually very difficult on the ear and is generally full of pleasant to listen to tunes, which is no bad thing. Plus any album that samples dialogue from David Cronenberg's Scanners - "So frightened to lose yourself, to lose yourself to the group will", which I think comes from the scene where they are in the back of van escaping shortly before crashing into a Vancouver record shop where they demolish a display rack of Japan's 'Life in Tokyo' 12" single, trivia fans.



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