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Tracks released by Ged Gengras under his Personable moniker tend to fizz with fresh energy: probably a consequence of his ‘live-in-the-studio’ production approach. House-garage-techno jams with a bounce and a punch, from a real synth talent. 4 tracks on Oyster, which is released by Black Opal.

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LP on Black Opal aka M. Geddes Gengras.

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Oyster by Personable
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9/10 Ant 30 June 2016

I’ve loads of time for the work of M. Geddes Gengras - whether under his own name or his more techno alias Personable. Both LP’s he did on Peak Oil were pretty great as are the tape and split tape he did on Opal Tapes. There’s just something really beautiful about his music that really resonates with me and hits the sweet spot. So I was pretty buzzing to cop this extended four track EP on Black Opal, which also happens to be great. I ain't bullshitting -- head over to Tiny Mix Tapes for a full stream if you don’t believe me and if you disagree take a hatchet to your ears and feed ‘em to the dog or donate them to someone who doesn’t have any ears.

‘Gambetti’ kicks off the EP in incredible style with intricate arrangements of bleeps, notes and tones that seem to momentarily hover in zero gravity. There’s a brilliant subtle momentum to the percussion which ceases midway for a glorious twinkling breakdown that’s like boarding a magic carpet bound straight up to heaven... and then the drums kick back in as the melodies retreat. All the elements then reassemble into what I can only describe as pure ecstatic orgasmic bliss.

Just when I don’t think my body is actually capable of feeling any more pleasure the second tune ‘Window’ gets going and it’s so incredibly emotive I’m in danger of prematurely cutting my existance short by drowning in a flood of my own tears of joy - a tragic, ironic death from extreme happiness. The way the melodies and music box like chimes intertwine kinda reminds me of some of Jamal Moss' mystical productions -- but this is far more refined. This is vibrant joyous, evocative soul stirring music that sounds like an ensemble of angels shooting bleeping beams of light and rainbows out of electrified harps. It feels like a message of pure love has been transmitted out of my speakers and across the land and as I turn to look out of the window I imagine animals, creatures, birds all assembling outside, Giraffe’s and monkeys throwing shapes on my lawn.

Over on the flipside, the epic ‘Oyster’ heads into slightly darker psychedelic realms, building with infectious bassline, fluttering butterfly like arpeggios and dissolving melodies. Over its almost thirteen minute duration it’s full of life - the mesmerising qualities of repetition operate at its core but the track is layered with constantly, subtly evolving earworms that never become loopy or stagnant - a huge, evocative sonic playground it’s a pleasure to get lost in.
The haunting ‘Cormorant’ has something of a slightly woozy, glitchy feel, as it gently grows it feels like a life force slowly re-entering something deceased, re-emerging from nothingness, reanimated with squeaks of energy, building until a pulse and heartbeat kick drums manifest. A wonderful melancholy closer to an phantasmagorical EP.



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