The New Age Travellers by DMX Krew

Ed DMX shows a more intimate aspect of his work -- think Library music rather than electro, 80's sci-fi and 50's electronic experimentation rather than 90's future-disco. Alongside similar lines to Luke Vibert's 'Nuggets' series. 13 tracks of electric improvisations, sensitive synthesis and pastorally-themed mini symphonies. Vinyl LP only on Ekster.

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LP on Ekster.

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The New Age Travellers by DMX Krew
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7/10 Laurie 24 June 2016

DMX Krew, who recently graced the….snazzy....dancefloor of the Moorside Social Club here in Leeds, is here to transmit synthesised information into your cerebral cortex on his latest LP The New Age Travellers. Yep, you read that right, and the music on this seriously differs from his usual output on Central Processing Unit.

I’ve only got 1 min previews to go by so bear with me, I’ll keep it relatively short. The track list references the A303, a road that begins 5 miles from my middle-of-fucking-nowhere family home in Devon, so chances are he’s been hanging with some field-raving new age hippy folks. Devon’s full of ‘em. This release ranges from cosmic spacey disco (‘Approach to Stonehenge’) to medieval game soundtracks on ‘Ritual’ and sparse, loungey rhodes on ‘After the Battle’. It’s an eclectic mix, all hinging on dusty old school analogue sounding synth sounds and a generally chilled out, mildly funky feel. Think of it like the quirkier, slightly sillier version of Ceephax’s Cro Magnox, or the groovier cousin of Vakula’s Voyage to Arcturus.

I’m semi into it. The sounds themselves are pretty darn tasty, but the patterns he knits out of them are somewhat lacking and a little on the side of the cheez for me. But fans of oldschool synth throwback (I’m talking 70s era here) should have a bloody field day with this.


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