Kristina by Red Sleeping Beauty

Red Sleeping Beauty are a Swedish indie synthpop group who have long been dormant: Kristina is their first album for 19 years! The band’s rule is apparently that only analogue synthesisers may be used: the only exceptions are vocals and a single acoustic guitar (stop that strumming!). So a lovely set of synthetic melodies is what we get here. On Labrador.

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Kristina by Red Sleeping Beauty
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6/10 Clinton 14 June 2016
The vocals on the opening track here have been over slathered in compression to the point that I thought that there was gas escaping somewhere in the building. It’s a shame as ‘Cheryl, Cheryl Bye’ is a nice maudlin slice of euro sad indie that makes you imagine what the Pet Shop Boys would have sounded like if they’d only been influenced by Brighter.   On ‘Always’ they 'borrow’ the drum machine sound from ‘Enola Gay’ and use it to feel sad everywhere about something or other. They are best though when they write pure pop songs, they do that indie pop thing where they sing about being on dance floors. It’s odd how indie pop stay-at-homes are also slaves to the glitter ball. On ‘Tell Me More’ this juxtaposition leads to a neat little song that is rather uplifting and certainly as tuneful as music can get.   It’s this type of charming song that prevents me giving Red Sleeping Beauty a slap across the  face with a slippery haddock. This is their first album in 19 years and they've obviously been saving up all their twee for this comeback record. They are twee. They are so twee that it’s actually quite painful at times but they are utterly harmless. Fans of Sarah Records, Magnetic Fields and Club 8 are requested (in the nicest possible way) to investigate this sweet music. 


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