At Sacred Walls by Szun Waves

Szun Waves is what happens when members of Portico and PVT start playing with Luke Abbott, patching drums, saxophones and electronics into, over and through other electronics. The results, presented for the first time on At Sacred Walls, are churning, rhythmic, electro-acoustic slabs of adventure: turns out these guys are a good fit together! On Buffalo Temple.

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At Sacred Walls by Szun Waves
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8/10 Laurie 25 May 2016

So here’s another group that like to dismember then remember the Sun’s name. I know, ‘remember’ doesn’t mean ‘to put one’s head back on’, but it should. Anyway, it’s a partnership formed from marvellous synthman Luke Abbott, Laurence Pike of the PVT band (not PTV, mind) and Jack Wyllie from Portico. Luke Abbott’s been collaborating and doing split releases with all of his earthly friends at the moment, all pretty decent quality, so that’s a good sign. Not sure who Laurence Pike is, but I’m sure he’s fine. Definitely not as much of a problem as the Portico one ‘Jack Wyllie’. What did you do to that band, you monster.

He seems to have redeemed himself here, with a little help from his friends. His sax carefully glides atop the synth-drone / drum bedrock of Abbott / Pike, the whole thing melding into an organic, slightly freeform dream jam. And that’s just the opener ‘Further’, in all its 11-minute glory. Gotta say, the rhythms here are pretty complex, similar in a way to that the guy from Rocketnumbernine plays the kit. Loose and jammy but solid when needed. They wander off the grid during ‘Adrift’ (haa ha h) taking it in turns to play a little phrase while Abbott’s machines trundle quietly underneath.

It’s definitely psychedelic, so will appeal to fans of Border Community’s stuff and all sorts of kosmische fans too. But those who have tired of the typical wall-of-guitar-noise-with-one-chord thing that’s all the rage right now might still enjoy this too, no guitars in sight, just a sort of obscure form of unfurling drone noise. Who knew that sax and synth mixed so well? George Michael?

8/10 Thomas Customer rating (no review), 5th July 2016


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