Transfer by Panabrite

Norm Chambers’ project Panabrite is a well-respected outlet for rich, melodic synth experimentation. It’s so well-respected, in fact, that when some of the material presented on this LP was released on cassette a few years ago, they were snapped up in moments. Transfer now lands its lovely sounds on Deep Distance, in a clear vinyl edition of 300.

Limited Vinyl LP £10.49 DD21

Limited clear glass vinyl LP on Deep Distance. Edition of 300 copies.

  • Limited edition
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Transfer by Panabrite
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8/10 Laurie 19 May 2016

At the risk of getting fired due to being too positive towards music in reviews, I’m gonna give this some mildly glowing praise too. That’s the fourth thing today. I believe that is what is known as ‘losing credibility’.

But we’re not here to review reviewing, we’re here to review Panabrite. And who is Panabrite? A musical man that enjoys the '60s and '70s synthy sounds, which might be that practice called hauntology. Grandpa’s drum machines. It’s sort of cosmic, looping and understated new age synth stuff that’s as much Laurie Spiegel as it is John Carpenter, as much Terry Riley as it is Jean-Michel Jarre’s Oxygen. In between all the interlacing and evolving melodies Panabrite weaves all sorts of weird noises that read like a bestiary of the creatures in Delia Derbyshire’s dreams. Sometimes they trickle playfully between the two speakers, but at others they suddenly scrape with dissonance, only enhancing the tonal haze of the background.

The thing that goes against this is probably how typical it is of the Deep Distance catalogue, a particular brand of electronic sound that we’ve all been exposed to, to the point where some will be feral for more, others will be sick to death of it, while for another other, it is just part of the furniture. Whatever the case, this is rather beautiful indeed, with some textural intrigue to boot.

9/10 Deep Gloss 26th June 2016

Imagine a fireworks display in Erith - looks beautiful but there's a certain undercurrent you know? Too many Union flags flying...Solid rhythms, (err it's all electronic, one man and his machines), and all kinds of beats and bumps and lumps and shifts and sorts and....ohhh, it's just gone all Berliner and tuneful and beatful and quite friendly really, not so challenging...err, but what's that muffled voice saying? Sounded a bit serious but this is just a record, yes? Well, too hard to distinguish the individual tracks due to the beautiful clear vinyl, but now we're lost in spacey nothingness...A fantastic mixture of glops and glips and sways and swaps and little bitty boops and there's the current running underneath it all. If you've ever enjoyed anything on Deep Distance you'll love this.

9/10 Joost Customer rating (no review), 2nd June 2016


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