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Helm (of Luke Younger and Alter Records) & Decimus (Put Murano, NNCK, Kellipah) sees the two come together for a collaborative album, interestingly called; We Will Meet At Other Human Parties. The cover artwork for this one is unnerving enough but the looping, grinding and gurgling sounds within take it to a realm of its own. Desolate bells toll and synths gurgle as if alive, or indeed, undead.

Vinyl LP £15.99 OPAL076LP

LP on Opal Tapes.

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We Will Meet At Other Human Parties by Helm & Decimus
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9/10 Ant 26 May 2016

Both Luke Younger and Pat Murano have set the bar high with their solo productions as Helm and Decimus - so a collaborative record is a tantalising proposition for devourers of freaky sonics.

On paper ‘We Will Meet At Other Human Parties’ should be right up my street but inevitably I’m often disappointed by these kind of collaborations. Thankfully this meeting of minds have totally delivered the goods. More often than not this sorta thing is usually a one off jam/ session that fails to fulfil the potential -- but here the pair have worked trading audio back and forth, remixing, tweaking and reworking each other's contributions into a proper zoned alien soundworld.

‘Any Surface Will Do’ comprises the first side and heads straight into a drugged alternate dimension via squidged up stuttering beats reminiscent of recent Autechre and squirming modular synth acid squigggles. As they layer up the sounds, things head deeper into uncharted meridians where strange liquids bubble, unknown objects collide and bizarre shapes mutate, the track as a whole like a constantly evolving organic organism transmitting code or some kind of advanced language from another world crossing dimensions into this world and manifesting like some oozing ectoplasmic jelly. There’s also a sort of EVP/ paranormal feel etched into the grooves like the records downloading subliminal messages into the listener's mind. Kinda like one of those nightmares that’s just really fucking weird as opposed to terrifying - an intense ride through a dark and ultra mysterious place - to the extent that I had to compose myself before taking another hit from the flipside...

‘Saved Alone. What Shall I Do’ creates a weightless feeling through some signature Helm bells before we plunge downwards into the bowels of a volcano with cavernous, simmering sub bass. Then the feeling of being lost in pitch black caves with an army from a lost civilization outside clattering metal like a call to arms. But really I’ve no idea where I am - earth, space, past, future... who know’s? It’s an intoxicating, unnerving and thrilling trip.

Followers of either artist shouldn’t hesitate in piping this slab of deranged, mutant sonic goo into their skulls.



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