Nonagon Infinity by King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

Not only is Nonagon Infinity a berserk, psychedelic piece of prog-metal, but it is the fourth album this Australian band have released in a year and a half. This vinyl LP or CD from King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard borrows the sound of 70s hard-rock but connects it with their distinctive improvisational sound.

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Nonagon Infinity by King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard
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7/10 Robin 27 April 2016

Psychedelic skin-shedders King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard (oh my God with that name) can be your favourite band one week and your least the next, depending on where you park your sub-genres and what your mileage for impulsive guitar improv is. Their last three records alone have been exercises in escapology: ‘I’m In Your Mind Fuzz’ was a distorted and distanced collection of hypnojams, ‘Quarters’ was a surprisingly melodic and ‘60s pop-doting prog ode, while ‘Paper Mâché Dream Balloon’ saw the band trade everything in for acoustic guitars and the most annoying of twee aesthetics. Now they’re back, after an overlong two-second hiatus, with ‘Nonagon Infinity’ and they sound… kinda hard rock?

Fair enough, I say: if a psych rock band is gonna overturn your disengagement with the genre, it’s gonna be through energy, and KG&TLW have so much of it. “Robot Stop” goes and goes and goes -- the drum fills are exponentially frantic, while the staccato choruses strike after long, unwinding solos as if to jumpstart the already jumpstarted. The way they burst into their songs with homogenous glee is enough to remind me, you, or whoever our dear protagonist listener is, of the Ramones -- just play fast, says the King to the Lizard, and hope the person on the other end acclimatises.

‘Nonagon Infinity’ has the twin advantages of being filled with hooking guitar and getting high off its own sense of grandiosity: “Big Fig Wasp” has one of my favourite KG guitar lines, while “Purple-Vultures” has a dumb metal streak to it with ascending and yo-yoing riffs. There are points where tracks seem to reference each other, a melody considered so good they just go ‘round on it again, or just recycle it to be slightly askew: when you get to it, you’ll feel like you’ve heard “Evil Death Roll” already, but it’ll feel okay. KG&TLW are storming through these songs and then dusting themselves off -- see that you do the same.

8/10 Greg 17th February 2017

When you’re a prolific band like King Gizzard, you can afford to mess around with concepts and experimentation. This could sound mad at first, but when it works, it’s simply genius: An album that’s designed to go on forever (literally!) in one infinite loop. Each song flows perfectly into another before starting all over again, and with their plan on releasing FIVE albums in 2017 (the first of which, 'Flying Microtonal Banana', coming out in February), who knows what weird ideas they’ll come up with next!

9/10 Rory Hill 7th December 2016

Brilliant album. As with any artist that decides to release (what seems like) a million records a year, it's always difficult to compare one to the next without getting a little lost. Like prog groups of old, KGATLW seem to explore unique themes on each release and Nonagon Infinity is no exception. Gritty, hypnotic and baffling in their own trademark manner. Where other LP's take on a lighter, more whimsical note (see Paper Mâché Dream Balloon), these tracks focus heavily on frenetic, distorted sounds that force you to question your ability to carry on listening. In a very good way.

Again with a nod to prog and the concept album, Nonagon Infinity has a literal recurring theme through every single track with the closer coming full circle and including parts of album opener Robot Stop. This is no gimmick though, KGATLW have carved a great niche with their ability to take what seems like a ridiculous idea and turn it in to the sublime.

10/10 Andrew 13th May 2016

The latest installment from King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard , from the moment the needle drops on the record , you are swept away into an eargasmic torrent of melodies which carries you right through the first side and before you know it you have enjoyed the first side and are eagerly rushing back to the turntable to switch to side 2 and you are taken back to bliss , the whole album seemlessly flows into the next track and proves that group still has energy enough to make music of this calibre time after time after time.



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