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Mogador is a new ambient project from the same mind behind long-running ambient project Celer. Although the experience is similar, in the sense that total minimal space-drift is achieved, the key difference heard on Overflow Pool is that the sound is entirely free of post-processing. Extremely subtle music, like early Brian Eno. LP on Further Records.

Vinyl LP £19.49 FUR102

180g vinyl LP on Further Records aka Celer / Will Long.

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Overflow Pool by Mogador
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8/10 Clinton 21 July 2016

I wish I knew how to drift. How to….how you say? ….relax. If I did then this new album from Will Long the man who makes music as Celer could be the perfect soundtrack to these relaxing times. Indeed the press release advises that it is 'ideal for floatation tanks'. Will doesn’t rush anything..he’s probably spent the best part of a year choosing the exact correct organ tone and the rest of his time measuring out the spaces between the notes. These tones are played scattershot across the tracks…almost with jazzy chordings at times. The only other sound is a kind of rustling noise, like  those fly repellent nets rustling in the wind. 

There is little to differentiate the two tracks here  - I’m sure Will was only forced to separate them when it was realised they’d have to go on two sides of vinyl. It’s utterly gorgeous. Sometimes the spaces are the best bit, just distant rustling before will mashes on his organ again. It’s refreshing, sun dabbled ambient music that recalls Harold Budd and Brian Eno at their least busy . The only issue is that during the quiet bits the sound of inane conversation from the office washes into the headphones. Hopefully when you listen to this you are in a quiet space devoid of anything that could even remotely resemble Beavis and Butthead. 


8/10 David 23rd July 2016

Mogador? ...could be from Lord Of The Rings for all I know.

Anyway this cool looking record with the water on it was not on my radar until I spotted it a few days ago when not looking for something else to buy. There is no mistake in the previous sentence.

Upon listening to it for the first time it strikes me that the sounds coming from a keyboard/synth don't change all that much over the course of the record. There are a lot of gaps to what seems like random chords getting played across a slightly static buzzing noise which had me doubting the quality of my record player for a minute. It is all by design though - to put the listener in a calming mood. Just look over the album cover when listening and drift off into the water before remembering to turn over to side two as not to get sunburn?

It's simple, easy-going and recommended by me if you are looking for something more relaxing.

If you don't go into this looking for the kind of tone changes found on the likes of a OPN record you might get along with this peaceful LP.


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