Rook to TN34 by eMMplekz

For the third time, Mordant Music and Ekoplekz unite for a set of fierce experimental bass-heavy audio. With track titles including ‘Britain’s Got Talon’, ‘Gloomy Leper Techno’ and ‘Hastings’, no to mention the shouted lyrics to ‘Less Trap More Clap’,  the pair aren’t taking themselves so seriously, but the music has a serious impact. Rook to TN34 is released as a cassette on the Mordant Music label.

Tape £6.99 MM083

Tape on Mordant Music aka Baron Mordant and Ekoplekz.

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Rook to TN34 by eMMplekz
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9/10 Clinton 23 March 2016

There is a mini moment during the opening wonderful 'Britain's Got Talon' when for a second you think that Mike Skinner was kind of on the right path before it went up the spout. On this collaboration between Ekoplekz and the Mordant Music man, the surprising thing is how much the vocal delivery recalls a Skinner that has just emerged from the London sewers, waking up in his work clothes after a night on the grim. The other main comparison would be Sleaford Mods but this is more crestfallen rather than angry. On the superb 'Guetta Life' the phrase "half closing, half closed down" is repeated over fantastic pulsating lo-fi loops and all you can see in your minds eye is Haslingden high street, mid afternoon in the rain. This is the sort of music Throbbing Gristle might have made had Genesis P Orridge spent 5 years lost in an office job. The beats are grainy, grimy and winningly lo-fi. The album's high point is 'Gloomy Leper Techno' where over the underwater loops the chorus of "cheers, mate bye" is remarkably addictive and laugh out loud brilliant. 

It's a perfect soundtrack to English dismal shit. There are some fantastic soundbites  - "John Fruciante's got my green universal indicator" is unfathomable the opening to the murk of the brilliantly titled "Ancient Weather Riffs". Elsewhere there's "a broken down van near Leatherhead" is heard amid the gloom.  If you sometimes think Sleaford's are in danger of becoming a "c*** mate"  parody of contrived punk anger, this sounds more like the real thing. It's disgustingly grim and relentless. A copy should be delivered to every household in the UK.   

10/10 Craig B 5th March 2016

Baron Mordand and Ekoplekz by any other name have produced in my honest opinion (IMHO LOLZ)* their best collaborative work yet. There's a closer working synergy between the two that feels like you're listening to a proper partnership, not simply an experimental speculative collaboration.

There are parallels between Sleaford Mods and eMMplekz; The Baron spews forth his stream of consciousness that dissects Modern Life *(it's lingua francas and foibles in a genuinely humorous way) in lysergic details and in a way that is genuinely funny in places (read: tragicomic-surreal). It isn't as angry or shouty as Sleaford Mods and the Ekoplekz soundscape is more painterly, more spacey, more three dimensional if you will, than them too but you can't help but dream of eMMplekz getting a gig on Later... with Jools. It'd give me back my faith in television for music.

I never thought I'd think this, given I've actively followed the trajectory of this collaboration from the start but I think eMMplekz may have actually released their crossover album and the idea of any level of mainstream acceptance for them is mindbending in itself, but you never know...


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