Pregnant  / Star Butchers by Awanto 3

Amsterdam-based Awanto 3 provides lush deep house with this new 12” single for Dekmantel. As well as a brand-new original,  this release also includes what was previously a super-exclusive (to the Dekmantel Anniversary series in 2012) track, ‘Pregnant’, now snuck out again for the good of the people: remastered too!

Vinyl 12" £7.49 DKMNTL 032

12" on Dekmantel.

Sold out.



Pregnant / Star Butchers by Awanto 3
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8/10 Clinton 13 April 2016

Got a couple of housey things here as...well...there's no-one else to do them. House reviewed by an old man  - a very old man.

I'm sat here wondering how long it took Awanto 3 to come up with the kick drum pattern that introduces this lovely slab of summery house. It's sooooo complicated. thankfully as the instruments come in it all starts to make sense while I start to wonder if I'm playing it at the right speed. I must be otherwise it must be the longest song ever. The oddball sample that sits atop the lovely jazzy synths is certainly worryingly high pitched. Ah yeah I think it is 33rpm  - this is better, it's more relaxed without really changing the feel of the thing and the sample now sounds like actual humans. Ahem.

Overleaf they kind of pull of a similar trick in introducing the bass and drums before everything else but in comes a synth that I can only compare with OMD circa 'The Romance of the Telescope'. There's also a Darling edit and this is.....fucking gorgeous, a laid back but fat as Eddie Large bass line thumps underneath the most blissful synth before a happy little trill of a melody comes in. Totally lovely, like Boards of Canada when they were particularly pleased with themselves.

Lovely tune - I'm so happy. 

8/10 Andrew Customer rating (no review), 1st August 2016


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