Asphalt For Eden by Dälek

Welcome to the first new Dälek release since Gutter Tactics, released a whole 7 years ago! Asphalt For Eden reawakens their mission to meld hip-hop with experimental sonics, with  a line-up that now includes DJ rEk and Mike Swarmbots in addition to MC Dälek himself. Released on the Profound Lore label.

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Asphalt For Eden by Dälek
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8/10 Clinton 07 April 2016

Hi Dalek. Been a while. But’s not Dalek as was. The trio are now down to just Will Brooks and it’s true that on the opening ’Shattered‘ some of the incendiary mayhem has gone with the other two. It’s still brilliantly pulsating hip-hop backed by the sorts of sounds normally found in noise records, Brooks rhythmic delivery combining perfectly with screeching, metallic samples.  

Previously described as Public Enemy meeting My Bloody Valentine, this incarnation of Dalek are certainly more mellow but Brooks words are more clear when they are not completely drenched in scree. Still this ain’t no bog standard clod hop. ‘Masked Laughter’ begins with a fascinating synth swirl over which half pace drums churn and Brooks hi-anxiety vocal pounds out the rhymes. The wiry metallic debris plonked on top shows that Dalek can still provide the sonic soup without ever reaching the insane scrapings of ‘Distorted Prose’ the high water mark from 'Absence’.

Dalek still sound somehow like the future, no-one yet has quite combined the disparate noises of post-shoegaze and hip hop as effectively (or at all?). 'Asphalt For Eden' may not be as brutal as before and as such peddles a few more hip-hop cliches but this is still way left field avant hop particularly on the surreal MBV churn of '6DB'.  

10/10 richard soundfun 15th May 2016

If trump ever takes an E lets hope he comes up on this, beautifully raw and words and sounds that would dismantle any walls of anti-life it loud the turn it up again, turn it over and play it again........... only louder. This is a most awsome album, a sonic assault on all that is ugly in is full of dots some are full stops.

8/10 roofwalker 30th April 2016

Dälek's first album since the excellent 'Gutter Tactics' was always going to be something of a letdown - nothing was likely to match the skull-crunching assault from 2009. And the loss of two members means that the palette is more limited - the sonic result is less diverse than previous outings.

But that sonic result is a swarm of controlled noise reminiscent of urban decay that owes more to William Foster Collins and Keith Fullerton Whitman than Merzbow or Pan Sonic, even though it has the same power, and even less to usual hiphop tropes. And MC Dälek's vocals, buried deeper in the mix than before, surface through the murk, pulling you in and under the fog. And angry words they are - MC Dälek's lost none of his vitriol. He's just toned it down a bit (perhaps it's my age but I like it that he doesn't need to swear all the time to make his point).

This is music with a message, powerfully wrought, but I confess that that's not what draws me in. The music/noise says as much as the words - it's alienation made sound. Dark music for dark times.


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