Hollowed by Ital Tek

Revered label Planet Mu unveil Ital Tek’s noisy and experimental Hollowed. Tossing out his previous work, this record now has more in common with sound design, dark ambient and Ben Frost than his earlier experiments with dubstep and bass music. But don’t fear, there’s still percussion; heavy, colossal and speaker destroying percussion.

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Hollowed by Ital Tek
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8/10 Laurie 16 March 2016

Ital Tek - a semi-familiar name to those who traverse the strobing realms of electronic music, and one that I’d placed into the ‘ok glitchy dubstep’ category in my mind and promptly forgotten about. That’s not to piss all over his formative years; it was understandable, breaks and that are fun, as are wompy basses. But what this record seems to contain is something that makes that all sound like silly noodling.

What’s apparent here is how multifaceted his sound is, the tracks on Hollowed sounding like they aren’t produced with a specific genre in mind. Take the slow opener ‘A Delicate Balance’ for instance, where its pace ticks like the doomsday clock, with miniature percussion clacking in the distance while distortion begins to rumble. In fact, there’s a fine sizzle on this one that combines pretty well with the half-spook-half-epic melody lines that hover in the shadowy corners of ‘Terminus’, a steppy roller and album highlight. Some nice controlled use of white noise as percussion also goes far, making a nice natural hi hat to peek over the maelstrom.

He drops back closer to his previous style at rare moments like ‘Cobra’, but adds a tiny hint of trap and some masterful sampling of weird plucked things. It’s an alright sound, not the best on here: hypeness is achieved at ‘Beyond Sight’ which is like Rival Consoles producing some sizzling electro banger. Yes, this record is a marked upping of the game for Ital Tek, and a confirmation that Planet Mu are still putting out gold.

8/10 Tony Y. 25th November 2016

Two years of hard graft has resulted in Alan Myson producing a broodingly dark album, that occasionally glitters with the odd sparkle of hope; desperately clinging to the edge of an abyss, with a safety line being offered before the fall.

Variation of atmospheres is what sets this release aside, with the odd smattering of Industrial rhythms tinged with an inky black footnote. Myson does flirt with many a genre that resides under the umbrella of electronica, but has a knack of keeping continuity as not to ultimately lose the listener.

This is solid mass of aural pleasure that ventures away from previous dance leanings; it's not the most original piece of work I have come across, but more than worthy of your hard earned pennies.



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