Veteran producer (under a plethora of names) DMX Krew lands 9 new tracks of shiny electronics, showcasing an easy mastery of synth-pop, electro, IDM and techno, built up over a lengthy career. The melodies are damn fine and the rhythms are moveable: You Exist gives off fun vibes all round. Released by Hypercolour.

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You Exist by DMX Krew
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8/10 Jamie 23 February 2016

Clinton's just handed me the latest from Ed DMX to review. Because he knows I like beats, and melodies and 80's type electro vibes. And I like Ed DMX - he's always ready to give you a cheery wave from his bike. His, er, BMX.  So, the record and the tunes, then... Bouncy, tuneful, uplifting stuff actually which has really made my day, put the pep back into my afternoon and reminded me of that amazing Jacques LuCont record from a few years ago. Only minus the cheesy vocals. Let's bust a move...

"Spiritual Encounter" (really?) kicks things off and it's a chirpy little number with a solid perky bassline, tight keyboards and driving rhythm. Groovy. "Bombay Mix" is next; apart from being my snack of choice from the local shop of a Sunday, this is a nice crispy electro mover with very nice hi-hats and swirly keyboards. A slightly more darkly textured tune, this. "Hard Copy" is the sound of dot matrix printers rising from the dead to have a good old boogie now that you're not watching them; "Dark Rider" has the feel of a funky Drexciyan number to it. The sound of porpoise racing; don't try this at home, Ed's a professional. The good times continue - with extra sunshine - on "Daylight Saving" - see what I did there... The sound of optimism and Korgs.

"Woolly Hat" finds us all prepared with extra warm togs, as if to remind us it's not quite officially spring yet. It's still bouncy, it's still electro, and not a spiky mullet in sight. "Parallel Universes" could have been taken off the Elecktroids' "Electro World" LP on Warp recs from the mid-ninetines - it was retro and futuristic at the same time back then, and it still is now. "Computational Paradigm Shift" continues the futuristic electro world takeover and "Black Poppy" is a worthy addition to the world of late-night sub-aquatic journeying. On a distant planet.

The whole album is fun, phunky as phuk and packed full of retro/futuristic electro grooves. So, if that's your thing, it comes highly recommended. Welcome to the future.


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