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TEEN are back with more shiny, funky soul-pop. Love Yes is principally about womanhood and expressions of sensuality that exist outside of the narrow corridor mandated by society. Wise songs, backed with infectiously grooving instrumental interplay. On the Carpark label as CD, 2LP, or an extra-limited transparent red vinyl edition.

Double LP £21.99 CAK112LPX

Limited TRANSPARENT RED vinyl gatefold 2LP on Carpark.

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Double LP £18.49 CAK112LP

Gatefold 2LP on Carpark.

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CD £11.99 CAK112CD

CD on Carpark.

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Love Yes by TEEN
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7/10 Clinton Staff review, 17 February 2016

Not the most inspired band name and album title. Luckily opener ’Tokyo’ has more ideas than the band name and album title put together. It’s a lively little thing with fuzzing, fizzing synths and vocal harmonies jumping all over the place. It’s almost as good as if Deerhoof had discovered J-pop.

All kinds of weird stop/start rhythms, and that rarest of things: a tune. Having witnessed the B52s perform at ‘Rewind’ festival (on telly!) it was slightly sad to see a once vital band go through the karaoke motions. Sometimes this Teen band sounds like those B52 back when they wore wigs that threatened to bring down nearby aircraft, ‘All About’ has lovely sweet harmonies and that quirky danceable bounce thats so damn infectious. In fact ‘Gone for Good’ sounds a lot like ’She Breaks for Rainbows’ the haunting track that brings ‘Bouncing of the Satellites’ to a bleak close.

Alas, there’s plenty of skippable moments too, those when they seem to lose the melodic quirk and just sound like any pop band that jerks slightly. In fact I’m struggling to find much that I can enjoy past track three though 'Please’  is a rather delicious late album weepy with eerie synths churning around slight R&B vocals. There’s plenty of ideas here - it’s pop-lite - all high end synths and chirruping percussion, but as exemplified on ’Noise Shift’, they have a way with a catchy hook that ensures that this isn’t all candy floss. 

8/10 Ben Straughair Customer review, 31st August 2016

Brooklyn-based quartet TEEN have put together an album that is indeed a complete piece of work and on gatefold looks as great as it sounds. Beginning our journey with 'Tokyo' we're plunged into a battery acid mod wheeled waltz synth-fest opener. Lush, layered, choral vocal harmonies and retro games arcade atmospherics pour over shifting staccato rhythms. Thematically tough and offering insight form a feminine perspective on the contemporary complexities of Love in modern times.


The bands multi instrumental talents are clear in each track, as are their influences. An original sound with Talking Heads/Bangles undertones 'All About Us' is cocktail of impunity and imagery, funky low end and Moog orchestration. Cyndi Lauper tubular pads and melancholic bass wrap around yearning desire at the heart of Katherine & Lizzie Lieberson's sorrow ridden vocal. 'Another Man's Woman', lyrically laden with symbolism addressing the dichotomy fidelity and infidelity and wouldn't be amiss amongst Prince's Sign of the Times. The oscillation between tempo changes blended with synth, strings and hair metal guitar solo invoke the giddy spin, the gravitational power, of a desire for a forbidden other.

Themes of loyalty and temptation continue in 'Example',  John Taylor bass under arpeggio key scales whirl to tension creating crescendos as the Lieberson's lyrics address the emotional impact of separation upon siblings. Questioning gender norms, roles and social responsibilities and partners becoming combatants when reality penetrates the masquerade. "Reality, what does that mean anyway?", the puzzle at the centre of the psychedelic carousel of pounding kick drum, mantra making slap bass and neurotic synth sizzle of 'Animal' Satellites of reversed reverberated vocal and sitar orbit the heavenly instrumental cosmos at warp speed. Oingo Bongo meet Devo for "some rum, some cake and some tea' in 'Free Time' a modern day 'Manic Monday'. Bustling, busy bass bounces us along on a saxophonic subway journey home from working 9-5, under, over and through a neon lit city, billboard adorned streets and preoccupied citizens. Buzz saw synth and campanology make for a seasonally festive pamper bath in 'Superhuman', a reward for escaping the city's constraints no less.Title track 'Love Yes' is a montage of the albums journey so far and a fitting penultimate track. Closer 'Push' reminds me of Kate Bush and Eurythmics at their best and totally 80's cinematic.

A beautifully bright well produced, lyrically thought provoking danceable album. Listen to in shoulder pads with a G&T, I did, and I loved it. #YES


TEEN - "All About Us" (audio only) - YouTube



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