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Bear Bones, Lay Low is the pseudonym of Belgian based Venezuelan Ernesto González. Hacia La Luz, a solo vinyl LP he produced when not tripping out with psychedelic super-group Sylvester Anfang, taps into Belgium’s booming experimental scene and his own warped aesthetics. Tune out to cosmic synths and lo-fi, electronic freak-outs.


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Hacia La Luz by Bear Bones, Lay Low
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7/10 Laurie Staff review, 11 August 2016

There seems to come that moment in every psychedelic musician’s life where they realise that they don’t need a full band to make repetitive tripped-out jams anymore. I’d give you an example but our resident psychedelic expert Robin has gone for a wander in the magic woods so you can ask him if he ever makes it out. Ernesto Gonzalez didn’t seem to need that realisation, forming solo project Bear Bones, Lay Low before even joining freeform outfit Silvester Anfang II. No idea if he was in the first incarnation so don’t ask.

These jams here are sufficiently cosmic and droney to accompany an evening with some special tea and flickering candles. Repetitive and fluttering, countless layers of synths, hand drums and shakers induce some deeply hypnotic patterns over which Gonzalez beams ambling melodic phrases. It sort of recalls the hauntological twinges of slower Listening Center tracks and the more space-y side of institutions like Ghost Box. Oh and there’s overzealous use of the Mixolydian scale, which for anyone interested is the secret to making things sound psychedelic. Secret’s out.

If you’re into all things psych, particularly if you want a break from aimless guitar noise, give this a go. The whirling cycles of vintage synth sounds and campfire percussion will make your head spin into the upper atmosphere. For me, it’s a bit on the safe side, conforming a little too closely to the stylistic comforts of the past without embracing many new and interesting sound designs. Maybe a bit more dissonance too. Maybe I’m too fussy.


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