This double vinyl LP, or CD, set from composer Nils Frahm has all the sparse piano and delicate Moog work we expect from him. But, on Screws Reworked Frahm has invited fans to submit their individual reinterpretations of his work. Screws was a warm and personal album, and that beautiful material has been affectionately reworked in a number of styles; from sublime drones to glitchy edits.

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Screws Reworked by Nils Frahm
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8/10 Laurie 20 January 2016

On Screws Reworked, Nils Frahm gives to charity, that is, the musical anonymity of some of his fans. That’s right, this one has been remixed by none other than people like you - the average Frahm listener. Hey Nils, where did you even get this lot Frahm?? Ugh. When I say ‘average Frahm listener’ I may actually be mistaken, as these are excellent little alterations of the Frahm sound; the children of Nils, if you will, each embodying a little bit of his sound but viewed from a different angle (which is just the definition of remix, isn’t it?). EDIT: This also contains the original album too! Now that's a relief.

Does it matter if you hear a remix album without hearing the originals first? Is the point of a remix to make something new or provide stuff for the loyal rabble? Well, as it turns out, nothing matters, so ignore everything. Except these, because they’re quite beautiful, spanning active, fragmented beat miniatures (Databoy78 doing ‘Do’) all the way to classical/post rock hybrids (‘Re’ reworked by Helios) and low-key, broken drones on Ruhe’s remix of ‘Sol’, drenched in decay. The piano is inevitably everywhere, sometimes acting as the centrepiece in a sparse musical landscape, other times creeping out of a kick pattern or cello purr. A lot of the time, it’s hidden behind some kind of tape hiss or other. People love hiss (I do).

Some Frahm-but-not-more-Frahm is always welcome here at Norman Records, so if you’re welcoming or recognise Nils’ lovely gesture or just like his music and that, check this out. Special mention goes to Sebastian Freij for the simple rework of ‘La’. Mmmm.



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