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NZCA Lines follows up his debut with more Italo-inspired electro ballads and playful pop. Infinite Summer showcases his unforgettable hooks and ability to be intimate and sleazy at the same time. I dare anyone not to swoon at the choruses on this CD and coloured vinyl LP. This is witty sci-fi, R&B made with help from Bat for Lashes and Hot Chip members.

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Infinite Summer by NZCA Lines
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6/10 Clinton 09 February 2016
“The album is based around the idea of a far-future Earth, where the sun has expanded to the size of a red giant and our extinction is imminent,” says leader Michael Lovett about his second album as NCZA Lines. Batten down the hatches ladies and gentlemen we’re in concept album territory. Opener ‘Approach’ has beautiful strings kinda ruined by French spoken word vocals that you’ll not particular want to hear one more time. ‘Persephone Dreams’ is obviously the track that has been helping to gather those Metronomy comparisons I’ve been reading about. Imagine a more sci fi take on ‘The English Riviera’. Yup it's good but its Metronomy.  As is ‘Chemical is Obvious’ with its squelshy synth pop and clipped vocals.   But careful what you wish for, my whinges about Metronomy soundalikes are put into their place as the album wears on. ‘Two Hearts’ has soppy ballad verses with a pumping radio friendly chorus which reminds me of Empire of the Sun. A similarly high faulting’ band with a couple of terrific singles who descended very quickly into pastiche on their second album. The issue I’m having is that it’s too polished. Tracks like ‘New Atmosphere’ are potential summer hits in the making but are slathered with so much synth bloop that you feel that your ears are swimming through trifle to get to the melodies. To being them up one more time what makes Metronomy great is that they keep things simple and have an endearing character. They also don’t need to proclaim grand concepts to get attention. Lyrically there's nothing here that suggests that this is about anything other than the usual relationship stuff.   I’m sure there’s a chance that in a far future when they world is about to end we’ll still be bleating on about relationship gubbins but if you are going to proclaim concepts you’re going to have to back this up a bit. Instead it’s a shiny pop album with a few decent summer hits early on. Harmless if cluttered electronic pop to help tide us over while we wait for the next Metronomy album. 

7/10 LuigiLovesPeas 4th February 2016

I have to confess I knew nothing about this band before; apparently NZCA Lines is Michael Lovett, joined on his 2nd LP by Charlotte from Ash and Sarah Jones of that Hot Chip. Makes sense as the sound is like a finely-polished Metronomy, with influences ranging from smooth R&B stylings to Stereolab; to “create a record that marries sci-fi futurism to personal intimacies”, says the press release. Not that I ever read them...

It's certainly a record that's jam packed with shimmery, glistery synths and frothy slo mo jeep-beats that dazzle like the chrome on Nelly's ('Hot in Herre') Bentley. Whether you happen to be listening on your Sennheisers or AKG's (as I am) or blasting out these sun-drenched sounds cruising in your pimped-out ride around Beeston, you're guaranteed to be nodding your head like a good 'un before you can say “Springwatch, it'd be nowt wi'out the Packham lad.” It might even have you daring to fantasize we'll get a solid week of sunshine between Easter and Eastbourne.

There are some proper good tunes here; 2nd track, “Persephone Dreams” is a corker with what sounds like distorted electric guitar married to bubbling twinkly electronics bursting with melody, like an infinitesimally more optimistic Hood. “Two Hearts” puts me in mind of a more thoughtful Disclosure, or a less cheesy version of 80s classic “Clouds Across the Moon” by the RAH band (dealing as it does with long distance connections trickily maintained and sometimes lost via unreliable modern technology)... only not quite as good as that.

We have here a solid, competently produced, written and performed indie electro-pop album with some pretty tunes and some slightly moodier less good tunes. It could've done with being ten minutes shorter in length but, as it is, the album could just about squeeze onto one side of a TDK D-90. Except I don't own a cassette player... Or a tape recorder. I never should have traded up my Nissan Micra in '98. You can get this on coloured vinyl, you know. What colour is the vinyl? Lilac seems probable.


NZCA LINES - Persephone Dreams - YouTube



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