Hyperspace Sound Lab by Clarence G

Heads up all you techno heads! The early work of Clarence G, aka James Stinson, aka one of the members of goddamn Drexciya, has at last been taken out of the exclusive grasp of rich collectors, as Hyperspace Soundlab is at last reissued for the masses! Classic Detroit business, out on Clone Aqualung Series.

Vinyl 12" £10.99 CAL006EF / C#33EF

Reissue 12" on Clone Aqualung Series - Drexciya / James Stinson holy grail!.

Sold out.



Hyperspace Sound Lab by Clarence G
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9/10 Ant 09 December 2015

Drexciya lovers can now rejoice with a sense of relief they didn’t auction off semi-vital organs to fund the purchase of an original copy of this highly sought after EP. Originally released outta Detroit back in 1991, it was the solitary release on Fluorescent Forest Rec.

You can hear the seeds of Drexciya’s sound sown in the oldskool party hip-hop of ‘Clarence G’s Club’ and then germinating explicitly on ‘Turbine’; which is in many ways a blueprint of the sound Drexciya would later develop. Basically an early, raw version of ‘The Countdown Has Begun’ which would later appear some four years later on the alltime classic ‘Aquatic Invasion’ EP on Underground Resistance. I have hammered that track to death over the years and had basically given up on ever getting a copy of ‘Turbine’ on vinyl, reduced to Youtube for a fix. This reissue couldn’t be more welcome.

‘Cause I said It Right’ must have sounded totally alien at the time in terms of hip-hop. The vocal is fairly typical of its time, maintaining an appealing innocence but the minimal backing of stark bassline and muted rim-shots create an eerie cold atmosphere that’s a stark contrast to the rhyming.

‘Data Transfer’ could be mistaken for a later, fully formed Drexciya production -- which begs the question; how old some of the later material actually was upon release, and makes me wonder if the hip-hop tracks on here may well have been recorded in the late 80’s. If you’re a Drexciya fiend it’s a no brainer.

Also imminent on Clone Aqualung Series is the vinyl edition of Zwischenwelt’s ‘Paranormale Aktivitat’ which sadly never happened on Rephlex at the time.


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