Blood Hot by Tess Parks

Tess Parks has recently been working closely with Anton Newcombe of The Brian Jonestown Massacre (see this year’s I Declare Nothing), but this release brings us back to her strong and smoky solo debut. Blood Hot was released in 2013, and now makes a welcome return on wax.

Vinyl LP £17.48 OPT4-018

White vinyl repress LP on Optic Nerve.

  • Coloured vinyl
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Blood Hot by Tess Parks
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7/10 Clinton 09 December 2015
Despite Newcombe’s absence, this records isn’t that different from Tess Park's collaborative efforts. It’s full of slow druggy melodies and hazy Mazzy Star-like vocal melodies. It makes me want to be somewhere slow in Los Angeles. No wonder Newcombe picked up on this as it’s like a narcotic cousin to his Brian Jonestown Massacre. Parks Stevie Nicks-like voice which I had issues with on the collaboration isn’t bothering me here, it’s lower in the mix sitting amongst the mesh of tangled guitars and drums. It’s drone, it’s dirgey  - a little too much so on the prosaic ‘When I Am Young’  but there’s a nice innocence to the playing especially on ‘Refugee Camp’ which is based solely around 4 naively strummed chords and the space suits the evocative material.   Parks still scares me a bit  - I’m sure she eats little boys like me for breakfast -  but I’ve enjoyed feeling laid-back for half an hour.

8/10 Richard 7th February 2017

There is a familiarity with these tracks as though you have heard them before. 3 chord fuzzy guitars, muddy drums and thudding bass. The album is like a warm comfort blanket. The album flows through and just takes you on a journey of small dark smokey clubs. There's a lot of this type of music around( lo-fi physc i believe the call it).

The thing that holds it all together is Tess's mesmeric vocals. A joy to listen to. The album just flies through before i knew it i was flipping the lovely red vinyl over. Tracks are short and sweet and to the point and very chilled out.

9/10 The Doc 19th February 2016

I know there's a miniumum limit of how many characters you have to use before a review can be considered for publication, but I can honestly, truly sum this one up in five words if you'll let me, or will it be better to keep typing and filling the space until I've gone past the limit and then sum it up in five words anyway? Wonder if I'm there yet? Nothing on the screen telling me so, so must not be. Surely now? Let's see.....This record can be succintly described as sounding exactly like this: Hope Sandoval fronts BJM. Wonderful.



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