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Why Be’s EP is the second release on the Halycon Veil label. Snipestreet is a collection of four off kilter techno and grime tracks. There are some more experimental tracks, Whalin for example has no beat and morphs into some kind of menacing soundscape. It’s dark, churning techno which feels like it’s just slithered out of a swamp and splurged onto ya earbuds.  

12" £8.49 HALC002

12" EP on Halcyon Veil.

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Snipestreet by Why Be
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8/10 Ant Staff review, 21 October 2015

I know who Rabit is… Halcyon Veil is his label, but when I read the blurb for this I felt like some ageing dad that still listens to soft rock. “Why Be - a member of DJ Hvad’s Syg Nok squad, Janus regular and contributor of Total Freedom’s ‘Blasting Voices’ compilation.” Erm I admit defeat there. There’s so many people making music now it’s nigh on impossible to keep up. My brain’s in danger of exploding… what else have I missed? Is ‘Snipestreet’ where that Wesley fella lives? Is he making beats now and all?

So anyway I can hear why Rabit’s put this out, as there’s a similar aesthetic at play in the way the producer mashes up elements of Grime and keeps the tracks really busy. ‘Heroin Hat’ kicks off the 4-track EP with low-slug techno beats, chopped vocal loops, glassy electronics, bells and snares that sound like neck snapping kung-fu flick sound fx.

‘Whalin (Kyselina OST)’ goes down the beatless route for an excursion into effective dark sci-fi sound design with looming, rumbling bass.

Over on the flip, Why Be’s sound design skills collide with the dancefloor on ‘Deeq’ with rough, stomping kicks and rattling percussion enveloped in eerie alien atmospherics. At it’s peak, it’ right on the edge of chaos and feels dangerously close to falling apart which I like; as opposed to being quantized to the point of sterility.

‘Late (Laser Ha)’ has a similar palette to ‘Heroin Hat’ and pretty much sounds like a slightly more energetic remix. Decent stuff all round, but I can’t say I’m totally blown away, although it might be a different story with these blasting out of a big system at 2:00am.




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