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Product is a compilation of the two 12” singles Sophie has recorded for Numbers along with four extra tracks including Just Like We Never Said Goodbye and MSMSMSM which were recorded for this release. Apparently, this CD will be issued in a jewel case surrounded by jelly-like moulded silicon bubble case.

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CD on Numbers.

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10/10 Max Roe Customer review, 1st March 2016

Fads can be cool. Remember sneering at your mates for not being hip enough to know who White Ring were back in 2011 when you thought Witch-House was going to take over the world? Fond memories eh? But of course, inevitably all fads die out eventually. Despite this, they’ll always be albums like Salem’s “King Night” which outgrow their sub-genres and morph into something more tangible which you’ll still be listening to five years down the line and thinking “damn, this is great.” “Product” is one of those albums.

Categorised within the “PC Music” umbrella (although not technically on the niche label) known for it’s baby-girl vocals and candyfloss beats, Sophie stands out amongst the crowd. His material is darker, more challenging with a production style which is downright unsettling. The sheer lack of anything organic makes it feel cold and metallic; the only thing vaguely relatable to a human is the vocals, which have been so heavily distorted they could be being sung by an android. Weirdly enough, it’s this lack of anything warm sounding which makes “Product” so engaging.

Debut single, “Bipp”, gets rid of any kind of drum beat, with the building euphoria instead being created by an adept use of space and silence. “Vyzeee” sounds like a warped remix of the sound effects from kids game “Boppit” whilst “Lemonade” uses slurping noises and chanting verses to create a post-Warholian advert for the fizzy drink. “L.O.V.E.” is the most challenging track on the album, essentially five munities of ear splitting buzzing and robotic vocal samples, which despite being difficult to listen to showcases Sophie’s ability to create music which isn’t just fun but also confrontational. Possibly album’s best, however, is “Just Like We never Said Goodbye” which takes a simple four chord structure and bubbly synth sound to make what’s probably the best pop song I’ve heard all year.

When PC Music inevitably dies a death, I’ll still be able to listen to this album and appreciate it for what it is: a brilliant, avant-guard piece of electronic music.

10/10 Max Roe Customer rating (no review), 1st March 2016


SOPHIE - MSMSMSM (Official Stream) - YouTube


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