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Black Mecha is the new project from Fortress Crookedjaw of deliberately abrasive black metal band Wold. On AA black metal is fused with heavy electronics to create a soundtrack to an imaginary sci-fi world. The music is informed by a world view that is only understood by a select few. Listeners will require a steely disposition and an open mind.

LP £13.49 RAVE011

LP on The Death of Rave. Edition of 500 copies - aka WOLD's Fortress Crookedjaw.

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  • AA by Black Mecha


AA by Black Mecha
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8/10 Jim Staff review, 14 October 2015

Here’s an LP of nicely fucked up electronica from Fortress Crookedjaw, the Saskatchewanian front man for Wold. As you’re probably aware, Wold are possibly the most original and insane sounding Black Metal group to have emerged this century; a band who’ve made a fine art of layering distortion and forging bizarre structures out of screaming pandemonium and malevolent sonic decay- pushing the BM genre into exciting new territory.

It’s not too surprising then when ‘AA’ gets things going with a rudimentary Bone Awl-style retardo beat, which is layered on a rumbling electronic pulse as a one-fingered, bit-crushed synth riff meanders mindlessly under some unintelligible robotic ranting. It’s a strange and confusing opener that abruptly implodes to make way for ‘Planet Hunter AA’, a track in which you can sense a semblance of structure, melody even, amidst an alienating crust of distortion and increasingly bizarre vocals. ‘Altruego’ slices up the distortion into hypnotic, stroboscopic electro.

On the flip, ‘Starship Aspicio’ starts off sounding more like later Wold, with atonal rhythmical shards and odd feedback resonances jutting out from a bedrock of opaque bass noise. The all too brief ‘Facilitator’ is the most primitive techno imaginable. Then finally closer ‘Black Ray’ sets destroyed rhythms against a mind-numbing repeated synth motif, all while an engulfing blackened hollow abstraction moves around underneath for full schizophrenic effect.

Not as staggeringly form-destroying as Wold at their best, but top entertainment for those who like the harsher side of Throbbing Gristle, Cabaret Voltaire or even more recent revivalists like Thought Broadcast.


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