Song Of The Second Moon by Tom Dissevelt & Kid Baltan

This LP was first released in 1968, but seems to contain some music from at least a decade previously. Whatever the source, the pieces that Tom Dissevelt and Kid Baltan created are a bizarre and remarkable mix, using early synthesisers to build weird pseudo-orchestral structures. Song Of The Second Moon is a hell of a listen. Reissue by Fifth Dimension.

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Song Of The Second Moon by Tom Dissevelt & Kid Baltan
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7/10 Laurie 06 January 2016

We’ve heard this Tom Dissevelt dude before, haven’t we? His space opera Fantasy in Orbit drifted by in 2014, leaving behind trails of stardust and synthesis in its path. It wasn’t obvious that he was this prolific, but here he is again, collaborating for the second time with best mate Kid Baltan aka Dick Raaijmakers on a super-early collection of electronic suites.

Did I mention that this was early? It’s so early. The tracks originally surfaced in 1962, some bits inevitably being made during the 50s. That’s pretty ancient in the world of electronic music, and what better label to reissue it than the same label as the upcoming reissue of Mort Garson’s Plantasia, as enjoyed by NR psych monkey Robin. This one here is in a few places at once - earlier on, you’re treated to the sounds of broken nursery rhymes, moving to more atonal musique concrete feel like the Henrys and Schaeffers of the time as you progress the first side. Weird synth flourishes burst out of nowhere, creating an almost theatrical sense of drama. In fact, the aforementioned sides of this record’s sound are often jumped between haphazardly by Dissevelt & Baltan; is this record the prog of the 50s? Perhaps not, but it’s a large cache of interesting and unpredictable synth music.


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