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Tech punk aggressors Consumer Electronics return with another noisey affair with the delicately titled Dollhouse Songs. Produced by the mighty Russell Haswell, this dirge of austerity angst jumps right down your earhole and stays there. Out on vinyl LP with lyric sleeve from Harbinger Sound. Limited to 1000 copies.

Vinyl LP £13.99 HARBINGER152

LP on Harbinger Sound. Produced by Russell Haswell.

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Dollhouse Songs by Consumer Electronics
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6/10 Robin 22 December 2015

Whitehouse affiliate, alum and general (I’m going to use Clint’s favourite word here) botherer Philip Best is back on another Consumer Electronics hype. Having wowed Ant and whoever else thinks the Whitehouse brand is reputable last year with the slithering, noise-quiet “Murder the Masters”, he teams up with Russell Haswell for a full record of splurgy power-electronics hatred. In the name of full disclosure, I’m gonna go on record and say I find Whitehouse’s transgressive neurosurgeon noise about as meaningful and insightful as Stuart Murdoch’s tweets -- but someone’s gotta describe a man squealing into the Whitehouse dissonance, right?

The most exciting thing about “Murder Your Masters” was that throbbing beat, a techno beat devoid of any modulation that made for a properly suffocating experience. As ‘Dollhouse Songs’ unfolds, Best gets more interested in a mutation of noise, “Knives Cut” bringing together random conflicts of the noise board as he says tangentially offensive things and calls people “sluts” and reminds us that we’re all going to die, as if Sufjan Stevens hadn’t already told us already? Though his delivery can be thrilling and frantically poetic, he buries it under a cacophony that would make recent Prurient blush, all the while improvising (or so I really fucking hope) the same exchange of verbosity and rhetorical questions.

I’m not the one to hype up a Consumer Electronics record, though I will say that I enjoy the idea of the new “Murder Your Masters” being Best’s attempt at writing a theme tune for Adventure Time. For those who already like this particular end of harsh noise, go, be happy, trash this piece of shit review and have a nice day -- this is as Consumer Electronics-y as it gets.

10/10 GeroGary 4th January 2016

If you loved Sonny & Cher, if you ADORED Peters & Lee, if you SMOOCHED to Frank & Nancy & if you DISCHARGED to Snow White & the Seven Dwarves, then you ain't gonna like THIS collection of songs one single BIT. My favourite pop star, Philip Best, lets wifey, Sarah Froelich, in on the shouty'n'screamy act, thus creating an album of ditties that is just about as near to perfection as you can get. Crass fans take note of the track Murder Your Masters & folk who enjoy a good old singalongaSarah can knees up mother Brown to Condition of a Hole. I did. Oh, & as for the F*CK who complained "all you could see in the 30 Years of Broken Flag Consumer Electronics video is YOUR HANDS"...well, just don't WATCH it then. Stupid K*NT!



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