Are You Alone? by Majical Cloudz

Majical Cloudz make grand pop songs with a more-than-ordinary production sensibility. So the tracks are structured like pop, but have elements like jarring synth choirs and voids of electronic ambience cropping up all over the place. Good. Are You Alone also has some guest appearances from the wonderful Owen Pallett.

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Are You Alone? by Majical Cloudz
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7/10 Clinton 12 October 2015

First up let's just stop all this misspelling shall we? Not only is it fucking annoying but it takes longer to search for than putting Magical Clouds into the search engine and wading through all the folks selling magical clouds. Their name also doesn't suit the sad electro-pop they play instead giving the impression that they are some kind of long winded psych-sters.  

It's the kind of record that I'd probably be knifed for if I tried playing in our office but on the headphones at home on a cold day looking out onto the brightly coloured autumn leaves it's suiting the melancholy mood. They play electro-pop but they restrain themselves from slathering everything in '80's beats instead use that decades crestfallen synths as a bedrock for Devon Walsh's tales of woe. He doesn't have the greatest voice -  kind of nasal and sometimes veering into John Linnel from They Might Be Giants territory but the whole is better than the sum of it's parts. Lyrically the stories keep then listeners ears glued and I'm sometimes thinking that the music isn't always Walsh's priority. 

Several tracks in and I've been dreading the moment when the record slips into cheese but it never happens. Occasionally you a reminded of a very sad Future Islands especially on 'So Blue' which melodically recalls that band but this is no daft and ridiculous nudge nudge look at the funny man electro pop. It's a deeply autumnal collection which owes props to Postal Service, Junior Boys and back in time the sad ends of Pet Shop Boys and Depeche Mode. The record is very samey but only repeated spins will reveal if this becomes a problem. It's hit a mood and it's sticking with it. Really enjoyed this probably because I know what sad means.  

7/10 Michael Customer rating (no review), 15th October 2016



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