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Ssaliva presents Be Me, a record that encompasses his full range. Some tracks shuffle back and forth between fragments of melodies, via filter sweeps and sudden new elements. Others recline into shiny ambient synth drift that sounds like the sleeve art looks. There are only 300 copies of this 180g LP, from Ekster.

LP £12.99 EKS 006

180g vinyl LP on Ekster.

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Be Me by Ssaliva
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9/10 Laurie Staff review, 23 September 2015

Belgian ambient electronic purveyor Ssaliva invites you to get inside of his clothes with your green gloves - just for two sides of wax, ‘Be Me’. It’s extremely hard to represent a person with just synths and samples, so right now I’m imagining Ssaliva as a technicolour cloud of fragmented marbles, not made of flesh and blood.

Sure, there are melodies that imply various emotions played by shiny synths that’d make Oneohtrix Point Never jolt upright like the electronica meerkat he is, but as for faces, mannerisms, opinions, music doesn’t do that good a job. Maybe that’s the point, I don’t know. So let’s talk music. The record is a succession of small excursions into a vibrant jungle of electronic sounds (and no I don’t mean that it’s ‘Worldy’...) that are only vaguely related to the worlds of house and techno from which this style has long since departed. Sometimes there are sequences that are a stripped back version of those, minus any beats, but Ssaliva just can’t help themselves before you’re into continuous collage territory, especially in the first half of the LP. Morphing textures burst occasionally into melody before morphing again. Apparently it’s a concept record that begins in the daytime, then spirals toward the night after the first four tracks. I like this night world, very colourful, very crystalline.

Crystalwave, Vol. 4.


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