Hinds are an all-girl indie four-piece with a DIY aesthetic. Their reverb-heavy guitars and call-and-response vocals are inspired by the ‘60s sun-kissed music of Californian beaches but also recall more modern bands such as Bleached, Best Coast and Dum Dum Girls. Their debut album, Leave Me Alone is getting plaudits from all the right places including BBC 6 Music, Pitchfork and NME.

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Leave Me Alone by Hinds
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7/10 Robin 05 January 2016

Most of you have already bought this record, and so have probably lifted it from its jewel-cased home or kindly sloped sleeve to see the words “thank you” scrawled into the packaging. It’s a nice little sign of Hinds’ musical humility, their eminent chillness and a newfound success. Once entrusted with the band name Deers, the indie pop quartet switched it to Hinds over a slew of 7”s for the most noble of reasons (legal), and now they’ve come up on top with ‘Leave Me Alone’, a record of half-ramshackle, half-crystalline pop music that jangles in the face of despair.

It would be easy to shoehorn Hinds into a collective of dull, plodding indie pop songwriters like Best Coast and Wavves -- those who shop for a couple of chords and sing weed overtop -- but they actually belong to the deconstructionist crew. Like Alex G, La Luz and Mac DeMarco melted down into one, Hinds vibe off contradictions. They mutter the wrong bits of melody under their breath, join the vocal harmony like a challenger approaching, or sing over one another like people half-jamming in their friend’s bedroom. The guitar riffs are always half-triumphant, often falling off before their time has come (in “Garden”) or crashing into a bit of distortion like one of us crashing on our bed after a long day of… listening to Hinds? Life’s alright, actually.

I love Hinds’ ability to go both nowhere and somewhere, which makes ‘Leave Me Alone’ a genuine surprise: the unwinding melodic lethargy of “Castigadas En El Granero” suddenly gets busted with a proper rock song, but it forgets itself again, down the line, the band coasting through verses and diving into choruses that, in comparison, sound like the second alarm after a snooze button. This is sneaky stuff: a bridge that riffs like a Sound of the Sixties mainstay brings the band to life, but only for as long as they can stand it. Who even wants to be awake for more than like three hours a day?

8/10 A guy who's been asked to review 25th January 2016





The robot says my review "is a little on the short side", so I'll develop a bit more.

Hinds music is raw, young, moving forward. No need to overdescribe it. If you've listened to Hinds "Demo", you may have be pleased by the raw, DIY, electric feeling that came out the songs, driven by a huge gale of energy.

If you're after this garage sound, strictly for the groove and the ambiance unprofessional recording can bring that is sometimes at least as important as the sound quality, you may the be disappointed a bit.

The recordings are much cleaner, loosing some of their energy (thinking about 'barn' especially).

Yet, the songs were re-built a little and clearly grew from live experiences. So, at the end, this is a more-mature album, bringing the foundation of what I hope will be a long discography.

Ambiance is still there, friendship flow through the pores, great enough for a first album. Great to be listened in the morning, great during parties.

Well played. (But pls, girls, do not loose yourself too much in hi-fi recordings...)

9/10 S.Westwood 4th January 2016

Hinds are back!

This is their first full length LP.

It kicks off with the great "Garden" which is bursting with energy and is awesome!

This exiting fast pace is kept up throughout the entire album and there are no weak tracks!

My other favourites include the fun "Castigadas En El Granero" which is a great single and my favourite song by them.

Also the closer "Walking Home" is exiting and great.

And also the fiery "Warts".

Overall a great debut album and once again proves how they are one of the best new bands right now.



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