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Room40, the Australian experimental label run by Lawrence English, has just ticked over to its fifteenth year of operation. To celebrate, they are re-pressing a number of works that have slipped out of print, such as Apondalifa by Tim Hecker. First released as a 7” many years ago, this heavy drone-swarm is now paired with Norberg on a 12” LP.

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LP on Room40.

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Norberg / Apondalifa by Tim Hecker
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8/10 Jim Staff review, 03 December 2015

To celebrate its 15th birthday, Lawrence English’s Room40 label is releasing a series of reissues of out-of-print recordings, the first being this Tim Hecker LP that brings together two tracks, ‘Norberg’ from 2007 and ‘Apondalifa’ from 2010. Both tracks are classic Tim Hecker, merging chaotic noise with a contemplative melodicism, all unfurling in a kind of deep, oceanic expanse.

‘Apondalifa’ bursts out of the speakers with a bracing electronic drone that starts to twist and glide, opening up a fuzzed, dreamy haze that sounds how I imagine Kevin Shields’ insane guitar rig would sound like if it developed it’s own will and started playing itself. Part way through the track things start to fold-in on themselves, with shifting layers of mechanical textures and truncated melodic loops that interlock and overlap; like some intricate sonic puzzle generating ever more complex convolutions until it virtually cancels itself out.

‘Norberg’ also erupts with abstracted guitar tones, glowering under a flickering hail of digital interference. This earlier track more directly recalls early Fennesz from his Mego days, undercutting a restless mosaic of vibrating static blocks with brooding, transcendental melodies. From the guitar-like tones there emerges a circling organ loop that accrues an aura of furious white noise that shifts to the foreground, sounding like a hosepipe blasting sheets of corrugated iron once the melody has decayed away.  

10/10 Toby Customer review, 26th January 2016

Tim Hecker doing Tim Hecker things. Nothing more needs to be said but the Norman Records minimum requirement for reviews makes me think that more does need to be said. But I disagree. Tim Hecker doing Tim Hecker things is the perfect explanation of what this record is. If you know Tim Hecker, then you know what Tim Hecker does, If you don't, then listen to this and then you'll know what Tim Hecker things are. Useful if you wish to explore the rest of his discography. More of the same, Tim Hecker doing Tim Hecker things. Oh, and by the way, Tim Hecker things are pretty great.


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