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The Clientele were a bunch of school friends from Hampshire who shared a love of Galaxie 500, Felt and The Zombies. In the early ‘90s, from this template they created their own version of pop music - pure, distanced and haunting. The band re-invented their sound in the mid-’00s with bigger, brighter production and deeper atmospherics. Alone & Unreal: The Best Of The Clientele compiles their best work from their 24 year career.

CD £6.49 POINT028CD

Compilation CD on Pointy. Download includes bonus ''The Sound Of Young Basingstoke' album.

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Compilation LP on Pointy. Download includes bonus ''The Sound Of Young Basingstoke' album.

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Alone & Unreal: The Best Of The Clientele by The Clientele
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9/10 Clinton Staff review, 03 September 2015

Suffering from our current policy of not having anything in stock at all, The Clientele release what could be said to be a 'greatest hits' collection. On one hand I could say that you should own all of their records already but as they keep a low-ish profile in the UK for a band who recently revelled in a 9.1 score on Pitchfork for the re-issue of their exquisite debut album 'Suburban Light' then they may have passed under your radar.

It's from that minor masterpiece that the first few tracks here are taken. I've long held the belief that the opening couplet here of 'Reflections After Jane' and 'We Could Walk Together' are probably the best songs ever made. So what do they sound like? Well imagine that in 1974 Nick Drake formed an indie pop trio and recorded in a sun dappled room using genuine '60's dust on the desk. The only subject matter would be dusk, tree-lined streets and the way the leaves start to turn yellow as the nights draw in.

Unlike many bands The Clientele never went bad. They may have emerged blinking out of their early haze into a brighter, clearer world but they still had that smoky, autumnal sound. 'Since K got Over Me' started to show that they could rock if they felt like it yet still sound like you are wrapped in a duvet on a winters day looking out onto a park. In fact everything is great here (as you might expect from a 'best of').   

If you spend your days sitting wondering what a poetic English, autumnal version of Real Estate might sound like then this is for you. Comes with bonus early live session as download which I'm utterly straining at the leash to hear. 

10/10 Richard Customer review, 1st September 2016

It’s a Sunday in mid-November. You wake up too late feeling fuzzy-headed, as if you’re hungover but you barely drank anything last night. The realisation hits you that you have nothing to do, and that this nothing stretches out into the dread of Monday’s routine.

You don’t know what to do with yourself, even reading Proust doesn’t hit the spot, though you wonder whether if it’s just too close to the bone today. You ask yourself how much it would cost to line your bedroom in cork, but realise it would be an expensive affectation.

Eventually you head out for a walk along the river into the familiar flat landscape. You wander down into the ruins of a walled garden of what was once a manor house. The symmetrical lines of trees are the only signs of the grandeur that once dominated. You ponder what once stood here and imagine the ghosts that might lurk here, but what you’re really thinking of is the TV series Moondial from your childhood. Still, a shiver goes down your spine and you realise it’s getting dark, leading you to head for home, dreading even shorter days to follow.

The feeling of restlessness still hasn’t left you and through boredom you phone your parents but they’re not home. You sit around thinking about whether you’d made any decisions that got you here, or whether it was an inability to ever make a decision that has led you to this Sunday.

You fight the urge to turn on the TV and you know it’s Songs of Praise followed by the Antiques Roadshow and it ever will be thus. The feeling of school the next day has never left you and despite killing time all day you’re now desperate to resurrect it, but you don’t know for what purpose.

The only thing left to do is put a record on and you know The Clientele is the only band you could possibly listen to on an evening like this. You sit back, close your eyes and take yourself back to a Sunday morning in mid-November…


The Clientele - Bookshop Casanova - YouTube



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