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Matt Bower (together with his erstwhile companion Samantha Davis) makes so much music under so many different project names that we are now in the somewhat absurd situation: essentially, this is a three-way split with himself. All the tracks are slightly different kinds of crushing psychedelic noise-heavy, naturally. 333 copies.

Vinyl LP £14.49 BRR301

180g red coloured vinyl LP on Blackest Rainbow. Edition of 333 copies in full colour UV gloss sleeve.

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PSH by Voltigeurs / Black Sunroof / Skullflower
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9/10 Ant 17 September 2015

Matthew Bower and Samantha Davis don’t just tap into the 240 volts mains supply to create their music. They’re channeling straight from the source. Natural energy, the life force, cosmic energy -- Austrian psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich called it orgone energy. French Philosopher Henri Bergson called it Élan vital and proposed it exists in all living and dead matter. Reich manufactured a device known as an orgone accumulator (Hawkwind named a track after the device on their 1973 album ‘Space Ritual’); William S. Burroughs used one throughout his life and lived to the age of 83 despite mass consumption of pharmaceuticals. He believed like Bergson that life is essentially a current sent through matter. And by that logic the music of Skullflower et alia is alive -- you could say the very sound of life itself.

To keep myself charged up I’ve been using Matthew and Sam’s music for some years now. This red vinyl 12” triple whammy from three incarnations of their sound being my latest fix. During its journey the energy is channeled and sculpted by the artists and through their hands and ears it accumulates the emotionality of the human condition-- the characteristics which compose the essentials of human existence; birth, death, love, sex, fear, terror, ecstasy. It’s all in there and it resonates with me profoundly. Just like taste buds, everyone has a different emotional palette but rather than being generic this palette I believe is moulded by life experience and so you’ll either feel it or you won’’t. I feel very privileged to have the capacity.

The record is cut to play at 45rpm but is also playable at 33rpm for a more droney, lethargic listen, which I’m yet to experience. Voltigeurs ‘Hexenturm’ is first up and requires no effort on my behalf to become instantly absorbed. A track that on the surface may appear ominous, terrifying even but eyes closed, visual distractions eradicated and it flows right through me, opening up a gateway to the infinite universe that exists in us all. Biorhythms cease to exist while the dense walls of thrilling Black Metal influenced sound obliterate my body, reducing it to its key component elements; oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and calcium while my soul blasts through an electrical storm and rides the skies into pure bliss.

Black Sun Roof’s ‘Palm Beach Violation’ is a short symphony for the soul that summoned a Pholcidae (Daddy Long Legs) to dance before my very eyes. The heavenly layers of guitar and effects intertwining into something intangible and liberating.

Skullflower’s tectonic plate shifting ‘PSH’ comprises the second side and has a swirling organic quality beyond the surface -- a sort of deep, meditative tranquility at it’s core while guitars flow and sizzle like molten lava emitting dense clouds of smoke that map out new geometries as they drift into the aether.

Delicious 180 gram red wax in an edition of 333 copies with download code on Blackest Rainbow.


  • PSH by Voltigeurs / Black Sunroof / Skullflower


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