EP on 12” Vinyl. It’s been pretty much a year since the last Patricia release, with the Side Piece EP. Now returning to Opal Tapes Bem Inventory offers six tracks of thick pounding techno, but Patricia always manages to add a warmth to the cold-defined genre, with tracks seemingly hard-hitting to begin with they blend into rhythmic lush soundscapes. Comes with download code and full colour artwork by Louis Johnstone and Max Ravitz.

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12" EP on Opal Tapes.

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Bem Inventory by Patricia
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8/10 Ant 17 September 2015

There was a lot of love for Patricia’s ‘Body Issues’ tape on Opal Tapes. Out of the entire labels catalogue this tape really seemed to be the most revered and attracted somewhat of a cult status. Its wider reaching vinyl release was a logical move and only served to resonate with even more people. It’s still resonating now. Since then, there’s only been one further release from Max Ravitz as Patricia which came out on Ghostly sister label Spectral Sound. In the meantime he’s been knocking stuff out as part of Inhalants on L.I.E.S., Masks on Opal Tapes and Pulpo on Russian Torrent Versions-- all good stuff, but I think expectations for ‘Bem Inventory’ will be particularly high taking into account the success of it’s Opal Tapes predecessor. After a few dud Christmas’s one thing I’ve learnt is not to expect anything from anyone, so I’m going to approach this and take it for what it is and pretend ‘Body Issues’ never existed. What’s ‘Body Issues’?

Max Ravitz was born in Chicago which basically means house music is in his blood. ‘Bem Inventory’ really is house music/ techno in it’s purest form, stripped of the excess and decadence that plagues so much of what is so called house music these days, these tracks are created the old fashioned way; by bangin’ the box and are designed to jack bodies with enough of the creator's soul and personality to communicate innermost feelings to dancers without ever becoming self indulgent and always keeping those bodies moving.

Opening cut 'Mercury In Retrograde’ is an ultra deep introspective late night creeper that’s got me thinking of a Kenny Larkin tune. Like Larkin and Jamal Moss, Max Ravitz often has a very melodic musical approach which sets him apart from your average producer chucking loops together, and so I wonder if he may have a background in jazz that he brings to the table. You know like this guy really can “play” music and doesn’t merely rely on rhythm and texture. Cloudface (Mood Hut, Black Opal) gets in on the action for quiet stomper ‘Just Visiting’ which moves steadily along with subtly tweaked TB-303 bassline. If someone played me ‘Life is A Hideous Thing’ and told me it was a Joey Anderson tune they’d have had me. 'Bed of Nails’ is coated in a dreamy haze with rubbery acid that sounds something like like gnawing on a washing up glove. Not that I make a habit of it.

‘Needs a Nap’ is pure joyous vibes; like a symphony of layered plucked sounds that appear to be coming from the electric harps of Angels. When house music hits like this I feel like I’m invincible or something. A track so full of life, energy and soul it’s basically worth the asking price of this EP alone. Up there with some of Jamal Moss’s most profoundly affecting tracks. Jeez I’ll be a pool of my own filth on the floor in a minute. Having played it for about the eighth time in a row, I eventually move forward to closer ‘Hadal Zone’; raw techno with melancholy, jazzy keys, building with snares, claps and distant rides before zoning out with a big freaky gurgling synth. Most definitely a keeper.


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