Beyond The Mirror : Rare and Unreleased Tracks by The Oscillation

The Oscillation here release all the Rare and Unreleased Tracks that they have accumulated over the course of their last three albums. Four of these songs have been scooped up from EPs and B-sides, but the rest will be all new to even the most ardent Oscillation fan. Beyond The Mirror is on All Time Low.

Vinyl LP £15.49 ATL011

LP on All Time Low. Edition of 500 copies.

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Beyond The Mirror : Rare and Unreleased Tracks by The Oscillation
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7/10 Li'l Biz 21 October 2015

Hi. Fully paid up members of the neu-psych club The Oscillation return with a collection of odds and sods/b-sides and rarities/cuts with no home courtesy of current label masters All Time Low. I'm partial to a little Oscillation. "Out Of Phase" came early enough to pick my interest before the great psychrush of 2010 crushed my psychedelic spirit, and "Veils", though a little heavier in tone was enough of a development for the name to stick in my head.

Along with Castellanos' (Oscillation main-man) appreciation of a decent synth tone there's always been a healthy momentum to a Osci track and that goes along way when you're treading as familiar boards as The Oscillation chose to tread. If anything their uptempo tracks often have as much in common with your regular psych troupe as they do darker, groove heavy contemporaries such as Young Widow and K-X-P. Opener "Braindrainer" is particularly funky for Castellanos' and co., which probably explains it's omission from previous records but nevertheless works perfectly here with it's driving bass-line and LCD sixteens. Obvious psych-pop winner "Waste The Day" (b-side to an earlier RSD release) follows and equally matches it's original a-side with it's Tame Impala meets The Moody Blues whisperings. To an extent it drifts and feels slightly unfinished, which explains it's b-side status but the vocal melody is strong here, a rarity for a group that shine brightest in instrumental mode. Additional highlights come in the form of the previously unreleased "Endless Oblivion" which does exactly what it says on the tin, drifting tirelessly into the cosmos with it's righteous soloing and deep, unforgiving bassline, and the blissful synth driven ambience of "Crystalline Tears" which I could happily hear ten variants of without hankering for the quick fix of a drum beat or guitar solo. 

'Beyond The Mirror" is a glimpse of what could have been, tracks that either didn't make the grade or weren't fit for purpose are repurposed here and sound as strong as anything on any of Castellanos three full lengths to date, albeit in a charming, slightly undecided fashion. Certainly worth investigating weather you're familiar with the The Oscillation or not. 


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