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This 10” is a Split between The Cult Of Free Love and The Wrestler. Both groups are all about the spacey atmospheres, with The Cult taking a komischey, sitar-led approach that sounds wonderful. The Wrestler meanwhile bring in thick kraut-rhythms to ascend to their peaks. Debut appearances for each by the way! On Deep Distance.

10" £5.99 DD39

Limited 10" on Deep Distance. Edition of 500 copies.

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  • Split by The Cult of Free Love / The Wrestler


Split by The Cult of Free Love / The Wrestler
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7/10 Robin Staff review, 06 August 2015

It’s a competition, on this split, to see which band can do the most surprising thing to a slab of krautified psych rock. Up first, The Cult of Free Love pluck some melodies from their sitar, put them in the throes of a hazy electronic backdrop worthy of Ariel Kalma, add a beat of trip-hop persuasions and then sit the fuck back. You’ve never quite heard kosmische done like this; it flickers with old-school psychedelia, taking the genre’s hallucinatory implications literally, but also feels cosy and textural, like an ambient “Tomorrow Never Knows”.

Enforcing a No Krautrock ‘Til You Finish Your Kosmische rule like a strict psych parent, things only get looser once we flip over to the Wrestler’s side, a band who mix post-punk atmospherics with a floaty, Can-esque beat and synths a la space fantasists Harmonia. Despite its rigid rhythm, “European Orange” sounds all sorts of delicate, thanks in part to the boldly toned guitar, which wouldn’t be out of place on the next War on Drugs record. Compared to the programmed beat and sharply intoned synth, the riff sounds hastily performed, which is a nice sign of humanity on a blank dot album: it’s rare we get to hear space get lazy.

9/10 Scott Customer review, 6th August 2015

This one took me completely by surprise. Bought for a radio edit of Cult of Free Love's 'Love Is All There Is' which I initially heard on Amazing Radio, what I receive here is 2 very different but equally compelling pieces of music from 2 very different, enigmatic acts. A Google search throws up very little on each of the contributers, hinting The Cult to be an actual cult from North Wales whilst The Wrestler's piece was apparently written and recorded for a long cancelled European business Expo. Both stories whilst difficult to believe could equally be true and I could be wrong but I believe both stories to be testament to both author's sense of humour. Both tracks sound timeless and could have been released at anytime, so trying to pinpoint when they were recorded proves fruitless and I suggest sitting back and enjoying the record for what it is and what it offers.

The Cult of Free Love offer a 9 minute trip out which can only be described as modern psychedelic world music with trip hop beats, reminiscent of Middle Eastern indie legends Soap Kills with hints of Ananda Shankar whilst The Wrestler opts for a laid back hypnotic approach which slowly draws you in with a lone guitar weaving in and out of the beats. Both tracks are prime examples of the genres they represent but similarly each belong to neither, sounding different to anything I've ever heard before. Whoever thought of pairing these tracks was absolutely inspired, 2 completely different pieces of music with one side complementing the other perfectly. I've been playing both tracks back to back since it came through.

Anyway without wanting to sound too gushing about this, I just wanted to highlight to you one of the best singles that's come out of the blue for a long time. Its also very refreshing to me in this day and age where you can find out the life stories of anyone at a touch of a button that there's absolutely nothing on each of these. Whoever they are and whatever they may be, I impatiently await the next offerings from each band(?).


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