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Something of a motherload here for Mogwai fans: the noisy Scottish group are celebrating their 20th anniversary with a grand, box-set compilation, equal parts favourites and rarities. If you’ve never heard their ‘My Father My King’ before for instance, now’s your chance! Three CDs or a whole six vinyl records! On Rock Action.

CD box set £11.99 ROCKACT100CD

3CD set + 20-page booklet on Rock Action.

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Vinyl Deluxe LP box set £48.99 ROCKACT100LP

Heavyweight vinyl 6LP box set + 20-page booklet on Rock Action. CONTACT FOR NON-UK SHIPPING COST.

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Central Belters by Mogwai
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8/10 Clinton 22 October 2015
I wanted our shoegaze/post-rock expert Ian to write you a few words on this but he’s taken another day off after yet another Ride concert. I’m not going to review this as such because everything on here has been out before but for this is an extremely useful package which will appeal to both the discerning Mogwai uber fan and the Mogwai novice. There’s 34 tracks (and we know how long Mogwai’s track can be) spread across 3 CD’s or 6 LPs.   There’s stuff taken from all their albums and on the third disc some rarer material from compilations and tour singles. Fans will want the LP box set with 6 LPs and glorious 20 page booklet but for the beginner,  the 3CD edition is cheap as chips at £12. 

8/10 Tony 13th November 2015

Welcome to the wonderful world of MOGWAI.

In six vinyl you get something for everyone, of course there will always be tracks that fans want on this collection. We all got our favorites.

The quality of the vinyl tracks is great, it sounds lovely. The booklet in this collection could been better, but it was fun to see all the old tickets from concerts in the past. Even one from my country, Sweden.

As a big fan of the band and i already got all the albums, i wanted something special on this. My Father, My King on vinyl is something special but i wanted something spectacular on it but somehow MOGWAI missed that opportunity.

But hey! MOGWAI on vinyl! Good stuff. Cheers mate.

9/10 Mex Mexico 25th October 2015

Now Thats What I call Mogwai

The vinyl.

Reasonably priced and nicely packaged this is a collection of Mogwai tracks from then to now and back again. It sounds lovely. It looks nice and it has both the quiet ones, THE LOUD ONES and some that are quiet and THEN LOUD.

Most of it is LP stuff. Usually 2 tracks from each but there is a bit of rare stuff on here as well notably D-E which is ok but seems to be on here just because it is rare rather than because it is great.

There are a few things missing by design - it needs Glasgow Mega Snake and Ratts of the Capital for example, but then there are things that I really like such as Hungry Face which other people might not favour.

it would also be nice if it had a sticker.

That being said it ends on My Father the King which is beyond awesome and worth the price alone.

Play it loud. It'll change your fuckin' life.

Trust me.

10/10 It's Felix 23rd September 2015

What a treat for fans and 'not yet' fans alike. There really is no excuse not to buy the 3 CD edition for this price, but it is truly the 6 LP box set that i am awaiting.

Mogwai must be one of the most consistent bands around - 20 years and hardly a mis-step in that time. Yes there are some albums and EP' better than others - but think of other long term bands - REM, Bonnie Prince Billy, Sonic Youth etc etc - they did not and could not deliver album after album without some getting dialed in (For REM, I think they probably got their executive PA's to dial them in for them).

The track-listing misses a couple of gems - Like Herod for example - but as any of these songs are easy to pick up anyway, I see that as no loss. The list of titles reads like a dream list.

The LP set really comes into it's own though - even though I own 95% of the releases on vinyl (just missing Young Team, alas) the benefit is dubious, but for example hearing My Father on vinyl for the first time will be a possibly life changing, certainly a bowel quaking experience for you - so give it a go.

Foe a Band that in my opinion released two of their best albums in the past couple of years - Les Revenants, Rave Tapes - their relevance is complete.

Oh by the way - my vote for best song title - "HMP Shaun William Ryder"

9/10 Frankosonic 18th August 2015

Some bands can be around for 20 years and only manage a handful of albums or less, but others like Mogwai have been unrelentingly prolific. Which is what you’d expect I suppose, if you listen to a 20 minute track like My Father My King (included here). It’s almost a sonic metaphor for their career.

How then, when it comes to creating a career-spanning retrospective boxset, do you whittle the tracklist down to just 3 CDs?

In our house we love Mogwai but we have a concept of Mog-wheat and Mog-chaff. When you sort the wheat from the chaff I truly believe that Mogwai have produced some of the most epic, moving music of all-time, but there are still a number of album tracks that I couldn’t care less for. The ones that sound like they had an idea, kicked it around for a bit and then got bored, but thought “that’ll do to pad out the rest of the album, let’s give it a funny name and then hopefully no one will notice it’s not as good as the 2 tracks either side of it”.

So I was pleased to see that the tracklisting here is a good 90% Mog-wheat. Disc 1 alone is flawless. If nothing else, this re-assures me that even the band themselves know what their best songs are. The only classic missing in my book is Glasgow Megasnake, but hey, you can’t have everything.

As always, they have made a lovely job of the packaging. Here’s to another 20 years.


Mogwai - "Helicon 1" (Official Music Video) - YouTube



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