Voices by Not Waving

Not Waving is the solo project of Alessio Nataliza, who has been releasing limited cassettes in his Voices series for the last few years. If you didn’t get your hands on them, or simply want to upgrade to vinyl, here is your opportunity: this double LP compiles highlights from the series, reworked and reordered for a fresh take. 500 copies only.

Vinyl Double LP £16.99 NW004

2LP on Not Waving. Edition of 500 copies.

Sold out.



Voices by Not Waving
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8/10 Ant 15 July 2015

Alessio Natalizia’s electronic music has been making ahem… waves over the past couple of years with records for Ecstatic, Emotional Response and most recently a triplet of limited edition cassettes on his eponymous Not Waving label. 18 of the original 23 tracks from the tapes have made the cut, albeit in reworked form, and compiled in a different running order. This goes someway to explain why I find this album somehow incoherent with no clear narrative but that’s not necessarily a negative. In some ways it gives the LP a feel of an old Library record you can skip through. Each track is like it’s own micro-world/ journey/ environment, most fully formed with the occasional rougher sketch like track. So this doesn’t necessarily demand being consumed in it’s entirety. After a couple of spins I find myself returning to a few initial highlights. Various moments recall everything from Alessandro Cortini, Pye Corner Audio, Donato Dozzy, Vatican Shadow, early The Black Dog, early The Future Sound of London, John Carpenter, Global Communications, Hype Williams, Maurizio Bianchi, Oneohtrix Point Never etc.

From lo-fi cinematic ambient to gloomy synth-scapes to decayed chugging techno and meditative bliss-out’s, there are many vividly executed ideas, all held together with a coherent and distinctive production sound. There’s tons to explore and absorb, so this feels pretty epic for a single LP.


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