Double Trouble by Public Image Limited

The first single from Public Image Limited’s latest album, What The World Needs Now..., Double Trouble could be mistaken as a Sleaford Mods single as it kicks off, with Lydon delivering his classically cheeky and bruising vocals. It then descends into a punky dance song with a driving riff and even though it’s playing from a 10” vinyl, you get the sense of Lydon being one of the world’s best performers, as he undoubtedly is.   

10” vinyl single backed with Betty Page and non album song, Turkey Tits.

Vinyl 10" £7.99 PiL004

10" on PiL Official.

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Double Trouble by Public Image Limited
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1/10 Clinton 20 August 2015

There are comebacks and there are comebacks and this one must surely be one of the worst. I’ll reserve proper judgement until I hear the album in full (if I dare) but this three track ‘taster’ is an example of how the best thing John Lydon could do at this stage of his career is to shut his mouth entirely.

The music itself on the lead track ‘Double Trouble’ is not that bad  - a kind of strangled riff similar to the one that drives REM’s version of Suicide’s ‘Ghost Rider but it’s the vocals that truly disfigure the track. Imagine your dad doing an impression of Sleaford Mods Jason Williamson badly and just NEVER FUCKING SHUTTING UP. Absolutely disgraceful. ‘Bettie Page’ nicks the guitar riff from Pink Floyd’s ‘Lucifer Sam’ as a base for Lydon to be the most annoying man in the world over the top. Just fuckin' shut up for a minute man and let the music breathe you useless oaf.

“Bettie Page...remember when you were all the rage” he hollers and the thought strikes me that I’d honestly prefer Timmy Mallet to sing over this. I can’t even be arsed with non album track ‘Turkey Tits’. Horrific stuff.



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