Vood EP by Imandra Lake

Imandra Lake came out of the ashes of Estonian shoe-gaze heroes Pia Fraus. They released their debut album of drifting indie folk shoegaze “Seesamseesam”  in 2010 and an EP "Ülistuslaulud” in 2011.

This new EP is limited to 250 copies and is in beautiful recycled paper with inks based on natural resins and oils. There are 7 tracks in all including remixes by The Declining Winter, Seeland, Bill Wells and others.   

Limited CD £4.99

Hand numbered CD. Limited to 250 copies. Bill Wells, Seeland, The Declining Winter remixes.

  • Limited edition
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Vood EP by Imandra Lake
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8/10 Laurie 17 July 2015

This is a CD containing a single version of Imandra Lake man Rein Fuks’ ‘Kaks Vood’ and a megaremix extravaganza - a whopping 6 of them including versions from Bill Wells and The Declining Winter. The original kicks things off, and is basically the soundtrack to Ian soaring above the clouds watching George Lucas make endless Disney reboots of Star Wars. It oozes air and sparkles like a newly cleaned shoe, ripe for a gazing. The Declining Winter’s Richard Adams stays closest to this, building the instrumentation from a reduced intro and - wait - are they duetting? Argo Vals runs with these same dreamy chords but adds some glitchy percs and melodic bleeps into the mix for the electronicaheads. Tallinn Daggers’ version also brings the elektroniks, this time in the form of a more upbeat ambient house/techno sort of thing.

Seeland converts it into a smokier groove, with processed drums backing some digitally concertina’d vocals to trippy effect. The original tones collapse during Wolfredt’s turn, crumbling into a sludge metal dirge but retaining the single’s airy vox like a good Jesu track, making one of the most radical reworks on here. Bill Wells rounds it all off by removing the reverby smoke and mirrors entirely, making a starkly honest sort of chamber-lounge version of ‘Kaks Vood’ and cementing this as a worthy remix release.


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