I + II by Moon Ate The Dark

Moon Ate The Dark are a duo bringing together melodic piano / violin and electronics: sometimes the electronics lightly tinge the acoustic instruments, sometimes the piano will be a small corner of an electro-acoustic drone. This double LP packages together both of the group’s albums to date, the 2012 debut and the latest. On Sonic Pieces.

Vinyl Double LP £30.99 sp 014_022-lp X

Coloured vinyl, second edition 2LP on Sonic Pieces.

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Vinyl Double LP £26.49 sp 014_022-lp

Black vinyl, second edition 2LP on Sonic Pieces.

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I + II by Moon Ate The Dark
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9/10 Clinton 15 February 2017

Here are our two reviews for the original editions of 'I' and 'II' . These albums have been combined onto vinyl so maybe combine the reviews in your mind or something. . 

Phil on 'I' 9/10:

Sonic Pieces throw another CD our/ your way this week with a newie by Moon Ate The Dark. The duo comprise of Anna Rose Carter (London based pianist who has appeared on labels such as Schedios, Dedicated, Rural Colours) and Christopher Bailey who is a Canadian Producer (has done stuff for Hibernate, Home Normal etc). Here the 2 combine to make a refreshing slab of modern neo classical loveliness just for you. packaging freaks should take note of the delightful book style packaging and the fact they’re hand numbered of 450 copies.

If you’re into experimental piano music then you’re looking in the right place. It starts off with the lush ‘Explosions in a Four Chambered Heart’ which is a gorgeous looping rhythmical beast ending in some ominous dark drone which I wasn’t expecting. A lot of melodies on the songs are cyclical and they spiral into your head in no time. I’m on my second listen now and it’s already getting it’s hooks well and truly in there. There are lighter moments and darker moments and certainly as the album comes to a close it’s a lot more brooding that you’d think. It ticks all the usual haunting and emotive boxes whilst somehow managing to balance being serious and having a bit of that Nils Frahm style playfulness about it.  Lovely!!

Laurie on 'II' 9/10: 

Following on from Jasmine Guffond’s Yellow Bell, the drones of which lulled Robin towards the edge of comprehension, Sonic Pieces release a record of stately piano and steady strings snuggling up to the warm but unpredictable body of electronics.

II, an album by a group of people called Moon Ate the Dark, is the logical follow up to I because of numbers. The record lies at the intersection of the acoustic and electronic worlds, presenting you with a familiar tender instrumental line, which, with varying degrees of subtlety, takes on a new identity through electronic manipulation. The overall tone is fragile and nostalgic, with harmony similar to the nicer side of the post-rock of yore, but with adventurous instrumentation and excellent textural command. It’s a bit Philip Glass, a bit Ryan Teague and a bit deep drone near the end. ‘Sleepy Vipers’ is a wonderful excursion into eviscerated pianos, segueing to some beautiful slithering string action later on.

9/10 Erik Customer rating (no review), 25th August 2017


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