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EZTV is songwriter Ezra Tenenbaum teamed up with the rhythm section of Shane O’Connell and Michael Stasiak, forming a power trio to make Ezra’s masses of demoed songs into fully-fledged band reality. Calling Out is the group’s debut, presenting twelve solid songs. On Captured Tracks.

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Calling Out by EZTV
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8/10 Clinton Staff review, 07 July 2015

I’ve just picked myself off the floor after hearing the monumental new Triptides album when this little gem appears in my rear view mirror. It’s similarly enamoured with the kind of bright jangle pop that was pretty much invented by Big Star. Opener ‘Bury Your Heart’ sets the stall out with big chunky chord changes and classy fuzzed up power pop moves. You should hear how the chorus tangles over itself trying to out Twilley Dwight Twilley. I’m amazed that people are making music like this. It’s terminally unfashionable but maybe now people will start to look back at bands like the Windbreakers and not just snigger at their name.

‘The Light’ is like one of those late ‘70s crunchy pop songs folks like Nick Lowe tried to have hits with. It’s perfectly crafted, full of intertwining guitars and clever songwriting. The band apparently came as a result of a couple of guys sitting around with a Tascam 8 track writing songs -- just like people used to do back in the day. That speaks for itself -- there’s more brilliant songwriting in the first notes of opener ‘Bury Your Heart’ than there is in half a dozen of the hyped albums we are regularly subjected to. And if that makes me sound like an old fuddy duddy then so be it.

As one of only two men in the York area who were openly Shoes fans in the 1980s, I’m happy to not be part of the herd. It perhaps lacks the kind of killer hooks that will convert anyone but power pop aficionados but for any fans of bright, tuneful guitar pop - you’re in the right place.

9/10 Magic Alex Customer review, 25th November 2016

Love the staff review. I was one of the only Shoes fans in Blackpool in the 80's (posthumously)

This is a truly great power-pop album but sounds more like the 90's revival (Velvet Crush, Teenage Fanclub) rather than the originals (Raspberries, Big Star) and that's a good thing.

Major to Minor chords, suspended 7ths, counter harmonies = check / Slightly underachieving production = check / Released on best current label in America (Captured Tracks) ((think Creation pre-Oasis)) = check

Fans of guitars and harmonies, listen.



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