Garage rock album recorded in just two weeks because that’s how the hell you do that from FIDLAR, but their first album working with a real producer, because lo-fi gets a little tiring and un-punk, frankly, when you can’t tell one end of a mixing board from another. Available on vinyl LP, CD from Wichita. One for fans of Fucked Up and Eagulls.

Vinyl LP £22.49 WEBB455LP

LP on Wichita with die-cut logo stencil sleeve!.

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CD £10.49 WEBB455CD

CD on Wichita.

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6/10 Robin 02 September 2015

Now that skate-punk and emo are the same thing, a band shredding through sick-ass chords like Fidlar can say, with total sincerity, “Nobody understands me”. If the mark of a real good album in this mould is that it makes me laugh involuntarily, then ‘Too’ has done a good job: this record sounds like a parody of the genre’s it lives within, and I’m sitting here praying “40 OZ” is either not at all serious or doesn’t give a shit that it is.

Anthemic orgcore punk reached its overspill point about two years ago, but I’m sure everybody’s sick of hearing meta thinkpieces about its expiry date, so let’s just talk about the songs. They can veer off into tweedom, as the xylophonic outro to our first treat of a song suggests, or they can go full-blown pop-punk grunge, as on a track called… “Punks”? There are moments that sound less ludicrous, such as the warmly warped guitar riffing of “Why Generation”, which would be great if it stayed in that gear instead of exploding into another bubbly skater tune. If Wavves was telling jokes about himself, this would be his Third Man stand-up album.

I don’t know if I’m repressed or just don’t want to hear pop-punk songs about taking pills anymore, but it’s near impossible for me to take this record seriously. It’s got hooks double the number of songs on the album, so it’ll appeal to many a gruff punk not yet over-saturated by the market. God, though. I hate myself for not having a good time right now.


  • Too by FIDLAR


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