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Two bands from Brighton go halves on a 10”. Ill produce driving, grinding grunge in powerful style: their tracks are titled ‘Spit’, ‘Snivel’ and ‘Drip’, sounding suitably degraded. His & Hers meanwhile like doing the stop-start thing, and have great fondness for yelping. 300 copies of this Split, released by Beach Community.

10" £8.49 BC012

Limited 10" on Beach Community. Edition of 300 copies.

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  • Split by ILL / His & Hers


Split by ILL / His & Hers
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8/10 Richard Customer review, 2nd September 2015

As this is a split record I'll be splitting this review in half too. Let's start with ILL shall we?

ILL, who feature members of Dead Swans and Gnarwolves, have honed their separate skills into some of the crustiest punk you'll ever hear. Their previous effort "Pushing Flowers" left a bitter sweet taste in my mouth. I thought it needed some fine tuning and polish but it was definitely exciting enough to hold my attention. This collection of songs however, seems to be a true display of what these guys are capable of. It's slow, trudging and heavy as all Hell. If sour milk was drinkable it would be called ILL. The vocals are spat and poured out over dirty, sludgy guitars and the drums smashed out with a cathartic drone. It's intense. The stand out track from this side of the record for me was the opener "Spit". It epitomises everything I've just said about this band. If you haven't already heard them, check them out now! 9/10

Now on to self described "Sass-Punks" His & Hers. These lads are fairly new to the scene compared to their peers, and quite frankly, it really does show. The songs feel immature in both content and structure and left a lot to be desired. It's almost as if they've still not quite settled into themselves, they've not quite nailed down what it is they want to create yet. I think with a couple more years and some trial and error they could be a good punk band. They have all the ingredients to make something special but so far, for me personally, they haven't quite figured out the quantities that they need to pull it off. That's not to say there aren't flashes of something good in what they've done though. I think the overly long titled "Any Cretin Can Be A Father, I Wanna Be A Champion" had some moments where they almost got it right. I'd keep my eye on them but for now they haven't impressed. 6/10


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